What is a Job Crawling Service?

Every company website has its own career page or career section. These pages contain job postings that are uploaded whenever a vacancy emerges for an organization.

A job crawler scans through the careers' pages of companies. It scrapes job postings off these sources and delivers them to a target location. In most cases, these target locations are job posting boards or career sites. Job seekers find it more convenient to go through all the posts available on a single portal than having multiple tabs open on their browsers for searching jobs. Apart from this, daily fresh content also helps to improve the SEO of a job board as it attracts the search engines.

How do job boards use job crawling services?

For job boards looking to scale, dealing with the operations aspect of the business could be quite erroneous and tedious.

This could hamper any competitive scope the company may have. Thus, having the backing of a strong job crawler service can automate the process of job postings, leaving the job board with fewer overheads and more scalability options.

How is Propellum's job crawling service different?

Propellum’s job crawler service helps companies automatically fetch jobs from client company’s career page and transfer them directly onto their job boards.

Unlike any other recruitment technology company in the field, Propellum has over 2 decades of experience with job crawling and job wrapping solutions. Our job crawlers can extract and mine information through any scale of complexity. Over a period of time we have seen giants like LinkedIn, Kijiji and Monster stream through some of their toughest scaling challenges. This gives us the skill and expertise to anticipate a job board’s hurdles well in advance and deal with them swiftly.

Propellum offers high-tech job crawling services

Job crawling services are popularly used by job boards to help them display high-quality job ads from some of the best resources. Using the right job crawling service can transform your job board into one of the most popular and visited sites. Propellum’s job crawling services can crawl and scrape any job or text format. It ensures the quality of the jobs provided on the career sites of companies.

What does Propellum offer along with its Job Crawling services?

Aside from being a robust job crawler, Propellum is renowned for its data accuracy and customer support. Here are a few things you can expect from our services –

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