Get a job feed service that is committed to your success.

Enhance visibility and boost site performance with Propellum’s job feed service. Our proprietary job feed technology can process millions of jobs per minute. This means full coverage for scraping any job source regardless of the technology used to host the data. Propellum is capable of complex scrapes and bulk aggregation of job data. Whether you are kick-starting your job board or a long-term player, Propellum offers services that can be tailored to any size of company.

Job feeds that transform any data to suit your company’s needs.

Over the years, Propellum has performed complex scrapes for Job boards across the globe. Our expertise makes us adept at job data extraction, normalization and parsing. With a high-rate of accuracy, job data scraping and parsing can be customized to various parameters such as job tags, geographical confines, slot-allocations etc. Job feeds can be delivered in any format whether CSV, JSON, HTML or XML jobs feed. Propellum has a custom API that can sync with any website to post jobs directly to the job board.

Eliminate the need for a QA team.

With over 20 years of experience, Propellum has made millions of direct job feed deliveries to Job Boards world-wide. This is only possible with a task-force that is focussed on the highest quality standards. Our job feeds undergo stringent, multi-tiered QA checks with high-quality output that’s ready to post! This way, we eliminate any overheads that might be associated with day-to-day operations for our clients.

We do the heavy lifting – while you focus on scalability.

We deliver job feeds customised to be compatible with your platform. Experience the ease of having a premium service provider to complete your job data automation requirements. With a manageable supply of data, you can also monitor job feeds. Know what’s working for you, using customized dashboards made specifically for your job board.

Allow your business to expand while you maintain a minimal amount of manpower. With automated processes, our clients are left free to define focus areas and expand market share.

Propellum functions with the sole focus of delivering fully automated services to clients. Our deep experience with the domain has ensured that we can anticipate any operational hurdles well in advance. Our technology is also capable of swift execution of any level of customization you may require in the long-run.

When job aggregators opt for a job feed service, they need to ensure they’re getting the best. Opt for full coverage scraping services that allows you to get a job feed in tandem with your job board.

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