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Grow your business exponentially by giving complete control to the recruiter over the job posting management and drastically simplifying the hiring process. Wraplive is a one-click solution that enables fast, efficient and cost-effective posting of jobs from employer sites, recruiter sites and ATS.

WrapLive enables your employers to cherry-pick & post jobs from career sites, ATS or any online recruitment platform, and publish them on your job portal. Give complete control to the recruiters over job posting management to simplify the hiring process.

Recruiters advertise vacancies on multiple job boards and networking sites to hire right talent in less time. Posting, editing and deleting the same jobs to multiple sites increases capital and man-hour investment.

Supercharge your Job Board with WrapLive

With its automated process, WrapLive gets job listings posted directly onto your job board. Conventional job wrapping systems works well for medium and large-sized companies; as they justify cost by offering high level of quality, customisation and scalability. It may not be feasible for companies to adopt premium wrapping services as they have limited and basic requirements. So, they tend to post jobs manually on each site, which is time consuming and mundane.

Our cost effective web based SaaS offering with simple user interface is ideal for growing companies. With WrapLive, your search for a job wrapping and posting solution that makes recruiter's life easy is complete.

WrapLive is user-friendly and provides high quality job data output. It cuts down the time, effort and cost required for posting jobs. WrapLive makes you adept at core functions and saves your valuable time with less administration. Recruiters can optimally use their job inventory with complete control on the type of jobs they need to advertise.

Automatic scheduling, real time posting and report generation gives additional flexibility to recruiters to manage their jobs anytime, anywhere.

Customers of job boards have become more willing to buy job posting slots on job boards with WrapLive.

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