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Proactive customer service and highly flexible solutions for all job sites.

flexible solutions for all job sites
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We've worked with and continue working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

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Here's what the industry experts have to say about us.

You guys are an awesome company to work with. I appreciate your timely responses and great service!

Ryan Irwin,

Technical Services Engineer,


Always easy to work with and great understanding of our issues

Barbara Malcom


I have had the pleasure to work in close partnership with Propellum for a year. The team stands out with its engineering framework with high degree of automation, and its comprehensive reporting system. This provides insights to our customers on their job posting operations. Thanks to Propellum for being very flexible to accommodate complex business requirements, and making so many of our customers successful. This frees up our customers time, and help them to focus on Talent Acquisition.

Jean ­Michel Coeur

APAC Manager, Technical Consulting,


Propellum provides rapid customer assistance and service to us. Frequently they are able to correct a problem within hours or provide a detailed explanation the issues and correction timeline. In addition, their customer service is very pro-active, and they are able to fix and correct problems even before we notice them.Customer service is a defining and essential reason to use their service.

Mary Moslander

Vice President,

Washington Post Newsweek Interactive

We are quite pleased with the Propellum service. It is a pleasure to work with everyone

Cole Philip


Thank you for this great partnership and I continue to look forward to many more innings! Kudos to the entire team! I have always experienced great leadership, proactive, resolution and result oriented attitude from the team and that makes it an even more pleasure to work together!

Sonali Valia

Project and Program Management,


I’ve been working with the Propellum team for a few years now and they just continue getting better, every single day. We migrated over from another Job Wrapping vendor and there were a few anticipated bumps in the road, but the dedication and professionalism of the team made those bumps much easier to smooth out. Bharat and team have always been willing to work together with us on customizing their offering to meet the needs of our customers, as well as our internal teams. We have continued to improve our processes and the Propellum team has always been proactive in offering solutions when they have noticed areas for improvement on their end. I am very lucky to partner with such an awesome team that just plain helps me get my job done on a daily basis. Cheers to an amazing partnership!

Ryan Buhs

Senior Technical Consultant - Customer Success,


The biggest difference between Propellum and other B2B partners that I’ve worked with, is that Propellum genuinely cares about the relationship between them and their customer. This genuine concern is evident by how they handle every transaction. If it is a quick and easy transaction, it is handled quickly and with prompt communications regarding updates and/or status of the action. If it is a troubleshooting or simply an inquisitive transaction, asking about the capabilities of the product, communication is clear and accurate and they welcome the challenge to create new ways to better serve both us as a company, as well as our customers. When the transaction is a complicated mess of issues/requirements/etc., Propellum’s commitment to relational excellence comes out by always setting clear expectations of time frames, limitations of solution, and even brainstorms about other possible ways to solve the problem. In each of these, their responses are always prompt, clear, and loaded with content that matters. After working with Propellum for nearly a year, I am constantly amazed at how consistent their service is. No matter who responds, it is always quick and high calibre. You can tell that it is not just a couple of individuals that care about Propellum and the success of their customers, it is everyone who works there. The entire team is passionate about providing excellence to their B2B partners, every day.

Blaine Hanson

Large Enterprise Sales Analyst,


I am very pleased with the business relationship with Propellum . We have received excellent service from the Propellum team. We look forward to getting back into the project and fine-tuning the remaining agenda items as that we can on-board more customers.

Thomas D. Hinman

Director of Sales and Marketing,


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