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Automated Job postings
- The Gamechanger for
job boards

Propellum’s automated job posting services are a great way to migrate jobs to your job site automatically - all the while, keeping your preferred job-formats intact. Our online job posting software ensures that jobs are of the highest quality standard before they make their way to your job board.

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Job postings to boost client branding

Take charge of your operational aspects and offer the best in job advertising solutions. Get rich job posting data to make your job board the preferred choice for companies.

Flexible job posting modules

A high degree of customization and large volumes of automated job posting output makes Propellum a viable long-term partner for Job boards.

Choose your own delivery times, delivery schedules, run times and data models. Our job posting solutions ensure maximum data integrity and a simplified job posting process.

Get customized delivery services that suit your business needs. This includes the timely migration of job postings from career pages to your job board. Propellum offers 24x7 customer support to clients across the globe. Choose a delivery method that suits you best.

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Job postings that maintain your beautiful user interface

94% of job applicants state that online job sites are their first step towards a new job search. Propellum can help you be the top brand choice for job seekers.
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Scale up operations

Automated job posting eliminates the need for large operations teams. The upside of having 20+ years of experience is that we’re well prepared to overcome any challenges you might face in the long run. Propellum partners with job boards as their operational arm eliminating the need for elaborate teams. Watch your job board function with a dexterity that is our USP.

Customization features and future-proof technology makes Propellum the perfect personalized solution for your business. We have best infrastructure and manpower to scale up and wrap large number of companies per month irrespective of the volume of jobs. Our automated job posting and live quality audit process ensures high quality and accuracy of jobs, irrespective of huge volumes of data.

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Take a look at our customized job posting options

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Compatible with all major recruitment technologies and ATS’s

Our job posting service is compatible with any recruitment technology in the business. Link to ATS’s and any recruiting system without any hassles. With automated postings from established career sites, our services job postings software helps you choose which formats, tags and targeted regions you’d like on your site. Strengthen the user experience with the right filters and rich content. Job seekers will find it easier to find local job postings and apply to client companies that have posted the relevant jobs.

Choose a delivery method that suits you best –

  • Direct to job board through API access.
  • Secure FTP server uploads.
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