Maximize flexibility in your posts with Propellum’s job posting API

Maximize flexibility in your posts with Propellum’s job posting API

Job boards are synonymous with relentless change. They are characterized by the job posting structured data that keeps adding up on their online platforms by the minute. Indeed, one of the biggest job sites in the world, posts almost 10 jobs per second on their website. LinkedIn, another renowned job board, has an ever-increasing portfolio that consists of 15 million (and counting) job listings. Flexibility within job posts is an absolute necessity for job boards if they need to keep up with the massive demand for high-quality scrape job postings. With Propellum‘s job posting API, your job sites can attain this much-needed flexibility in two ways — on-demand scalability and a high level of customization in terms of scrape job postings.

Scalability in scrape job postings

Propellum’s job crawlers and parsers scrape job postings from various recruitment sites and websites of businesses looking to add to their personnel before enlisting them systematically on our clients’ job boards. You can steadily increase the number of postings on your site with our job automation infrastructure, which involves a combination of Propellum‘s intelligent job crawlers and trained personnel. Propellum’s Mega Wrap enables your job site to scrape thousands of jobs every second before running them through a thorough quality check. This quality check involves Propellum’s algorithms scanning each post and filling in the incomplete details — such as experience and qualification requirements for certain roles — if any, in them. You can scale the number of postings on your job site according to the real-time requirements of your job board. Propellum’s job posting API ensures that users will find the experience of finding job listings and applying for them as smooth and easy as possible.

In this way, Propellum’s job posting API makes scalability flexible for your job board.

Customization in the job posting structured data

Propellum’s job posts feature high levels of customization to serve a wide array of job profiles and requirements. This flexibility in job posts enables your job board to serve the widest array of job seekers on the internet. To achieve this type of flexibility, Propellum’s crawlers scrape job postings of diverse types from the job feeds of various corporate career websites. These job postings cover every type of job seeker from every sector. Additionally, the posts can be customized to suit the requirements of niche job boards. What’s more, your job board’s ‘in-the-moment’ requirements can be fulfilled too. For example, there will be a greater number of job posts for CRM-related fields if the demand for those jobs increases among your users. Propellum’s job posting API, as ever, will continue to incorporate all job postings and ensure that your users can find the exact kinds of jobs they’re looking for on your site.

Propellum’s job automation platform can improve the quality and scalability of job postings on your site. You can contact us to know more about our job crawling, job posting, and job quality analysis tools that optimize job postings on our clients’ job sites.