How Propellum’s customized job feed makes your costly QA team obsolete

How Propellum’s customized job feed makes your costly QA team obsolete

Your business may be unnecessarily spending thousands upon thousands of dollars every week on a specialized in-house Quality Analysis (QA) team of researchers, investigators, programmers and other experts. As the name suggests, such a team is generally tasked with maintaining the quality, consistency and overall diversity of job postings on the live job feeds of a job board. They use web crawlers, job matching tools and other applications to assess the correctness of postings, connect the right talent with the right jobs and allow your job site to be reasonably scalable in terms of postings. You can avoid the costs of having such a team on your payroll by using the services of third-party job automation providers such as Propellum. Propellum’s customized job feed service does everything a QA team can do without lag or human error involved.

Ensuring high-quality job postings with customized job feed

To keep up with the surging employment needs of job seekers in a post-pandemic climate, you need to constantly possess quality listings in your live job feeds. Propellum’s intelligent job crawlers scan various recruitment websites, websites of organizations in need of personnel, social media posts, and other places wherein information about open job vacancies is present. Based on your niche or existing requirement, the crawlers then find specific types of jobs before scraping and bringing them to your online platform. Before posting the jobs, Propellum’s algorithms carry out a thorough quality check to verify their authenticity. The use of applications such as intelligent web crawlers and job matching tools is automated during the quality verification process.

The job listings are customized on the basis of language, geographical location and sector while also incorporating all the details such as requisite job tags and SEO-friendly content on the posts so that your search algorithms can work optimally and the listings are visible to your audience after a few clicks. The high level of customization and quality of your listings ensure that job seekers who visit your job site will find the job they’re looking for without spending hours for the same.

Ensuring high scalability in your live job feeds

For job boards, scalability can only be achieved via total automation in job posting. Propellum’s customized job feed can scrape and post millions of customized, information-filled jobs per minute on your site. As stated earlier, the jobs in these listings will belong to the sectors and other market focus areas of your preference and requirement. To make such preferences clear to Propellum’s automation tools, you can use Propellum’s customized online dashboards.

In such ways, Propellum’s job automation services can ensure that the QA process before posting jobs is executed to perfection without you having to spend large amounts of money and resources on a designated team for the same.

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