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Job Automation Software

Job Automation for large operations and leaner team structures.

Over the last two decades, Propellum’s job data automation software has helped deliver over a billion jobs to job boards globally. Find a wide range of customizations that are built to augment your current offerings. Propellum partners with job boards as their operational arm eliminating the need for elaborate teams. The seamless job automation software allows you to run and manage advanced operations without interruptions.

Why choose Propellum as your job automation partner?

We bring the best parts of human interaction to our automation. Propellum processes large job volumes at high-speeds and all jobs are subjected to stringent quality checks before they reach job boards. From the scraping process, right up to posting jobs on your UI, our output adheres to your specifications for job formats, delivery schedules and job quality. What’s more is that we’re easy to reach at all times. Begin your job automation journey by asking for a test feed and our customer success executives will take you through the rest.

Job data automation for agility and operational efficiency

Having dealt with a variety of job automation challenges, our adaptive technology is capable of anticipating and overcoming any long-term hurdles your job board might face. We’re bringing you cleaner, better quality jobs at the fraction of a cost so that you can focus on your scaling efforts. Our customization features and future-proof technology make Propellum’s job data automation module the perfect personalized solution for your business.

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