MegaWrap: How it works!

MegaWrap How It Works

MegaWrap is our offering for Job boards & professional networking sites to accumulate jobs from many employer career sites in one go.

You can post large volumes of job data onto your sites without any manual intervention. Feed your list of employer career sites into our system and aggregate millions of jobs.

The task of aggregating a large number of jobs in-house can prove to be resource-intensive. But, with us you get unparalleled support to do more with zero worries about managing hardware, software or people resources. You lead the business; we take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that!

We bring the reliability of an internal job aggregator with R&D of Propellum as a bundled service. This ensures job listings are correct and accurate every single time.

Backed by innovative highlights and superior technical ability, Megawrap will definitely be your best bet to streamline operations and boost productivity to a whole new level.

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