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Bulk job posting for
Job aggregator sites

Post large volumes of jobs to your jobsite with our job aggregation software. Megawrap's job parser technology is capable of scraping thousands of jobs and posting them to your job board in predefined formats.

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The perfect partner for job aggregator sites

Megawrap was designed as a job posting aggregator for job boards looking to scale quickly. It is the go-to job board aggregator software for immediate parsing and posting of jobs.

Job aggregation software

For a hassle-free job aggregation experience

Accumulate jobs from a multitude of career sites in one go. Feed your list of employer career sites into our system and aggregate millions of jobs.

Step away from expensive, resource-intensive in-house job aggregation techniques. Megawrap's unparalleled customer support lets you do more without worrying about managing hardware, software or people.

From scraping job postings to final job delivery, we guarantee minimal manual intervention and maximum client satisfaction.

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The preferred job aggregator software

Backed by innovative highlights and superior technical ability, Megawrap has helped job boards streamline operations and boost their productivity to a whole new level. It is a highly efficient tool that enables bulk job aggregation in a single go.
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The sophisticated job posting aggregator

Tap into a job aggregation that works with large volumes and yet pays attention to the minutest details such as job data fields and quality. Here are a few more advantages to going with Megawrap's job board aggregator software

  • Customizable - fits all your aggregation needs
  • Scalable - grow your client-base with high job data quality
  • Increase job liquidity
  • Unlimited source selection
  • Completely automated job aggregator process
  • Avoid sending traffic to other job aggregators
  • Avoid spam by fetching jobs from the original job posting source - employer sites
The sophisticated job posting aggregator

Experience Megawrap's job aggregation capabilities first-hand. Ask for a test feed now.

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Build your niche job board in quick, easy steps.

Megawrap can aggregate several niche jobs and collate them to your job board in a pre-designated format.

Our job parser technology scrapes through a wide variety of locations, countries and job categories to bring you jobs that are relevant to your niche. These jobs are then cleaned and normalized to fit your job formats.

Job delivery schedules can also be defined ahead of time. Just ask about Megawrap’s test feed options to find out how Propellum can boost traffic to your niche job board while controlling your operational costs.

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