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Get a job feed service that is committed to your

Enhance your job site visibility and boost internal search algorithms with Propellum’s job feed service. Our proprietary job feed technology processes millions of jobs per minute, bringing you limitless scalability. fine-tune the job search experience for candidates with job feed services from Propellum

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Job feeds that can transform any data

We deliver customized content to jobsites based on your pre-defined rules for job tags, geographical confines, slot-allocations, etc. Get a job feed service that facilitates the addition of filters, meta tags, and descriptions to boost your search algorithms and expand your job board audience.

We do the heavy lifting while you focus on scalability

Propellum functions with the sole focus of delivering fully automated services to clients. We customize job feeds so that they are compatible with your platform. With a manageable supply of data, you can monitor job listings through minimum efforts and leaner teams.

Use our customized dashboards to understand what works for your job board. Through automated processes, our clients are left free to define focus areas and expand their market share.

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Eliminate the need for a QA team

With over 20 years of experience, Propellum has made millions of direct job feed deliveries to Job boards world-wide. Our job feeds undergo stringent, multi-tiered QA checks with high-quality output that’s ready to post! This way, we eliminate any overheads that might be associated with day-to-day operations of our clients."
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Choosing the right job feed service

When job aggregators are in the market for a job feed service, they need to ensure they’re getting the best. Opt for job feed services that are in tandem with your current job board offerings.

We deliver job feeds customised to be compatible with your platform. Our job feed delivery is carried out only when jobs are perfectly formatted according to our client’s requirements and we ensure that they look like wholesome job postings. Choose from a variety of job delivery formats including CSV, JSON, HTML or XML. Propellum has a custom API that can sync with any website to post jobs directly to the job board.

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Get a job feed solution that's in sync with your job board goals

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Job data enrichment services

Since job data is accumulated from a variety of sources and in different formats, it may contain missing fields or may be presented differently. Propellum’s expertise makes us adept at handling high-output job feeds and large volume deliveries. This means full coverage for scraping any job source regardless of the technology used to host the data. Our job data enrichment technology subjects these job feeds to an additional level of scrutiny where relevant data is added to missing fields like location, job role, etc.

Our deep experience with the domain has ensured that anticipate any operational hurdles well in advance. Propellum’s job enrichment technology is capable of swift customizations (to any level) that you may require in the long-run.

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