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Custom Job wrapping services to suit your strategic goals.

At Propellum, we understand that no two job boards are the same. That’s why our job wrapping service – EasyPost, can be customized to fit your growth strategy. Appeal to varying customer bases and target locations with high-quality content tailormade for your audience.

Job wrapping service
Only the best in job data quality

Customized features and future-proof technology make EasyPost the perfect job wrapping solution for your business.

Job board user experience

What to expect from EasyPost!

EasyPost guarantees Job aggregation and classification with unmatched turnaround times.

Choose your own delivery schedules and methods as well as run schedules. EasyPost job wrapping services allows you to pre-define what jobs get onto your job board – ensuring that you have content that’s just right for your user base.

Automate job content wrapping from corporate career sites to your job board in one go.

Job Wrapping with round the clock customer support.

We realize the importance of a good customer experience in a highly competitive setting. That is why EasyPost comes with a single point of contact for all your customer service needs. Our team of domain experts and technical support staff work 24/7 to cater to your job board. With quality being our prime concern for companies, be assured that a representative will be always be available to address any doubts or issues you may have.

What’s more?

We offer seamless, dedicated job wrapping solutions, built and customized to your liking. EasyPost is especially helpful for job boards having customer-specific requirements or huge volumes of data.

  • Customized service designed for accurate import from all kinds of job feeds.
  • Compatible with all major recruitment technologies and ATS’s.
  • Multilingual wrapping for global coverage
  • Integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • 24x7 dedicated and proactive technical support
  • No overheads
  • Zero implementation cost
  • Email notifications and reports
  • Analytics dashboard
Job search engine

Try EasyPost for your Job Board. Ask for a test feed now!

job wrapping solution

High quality jobs, irrespective of volume

EasyPost manages job content and the quality of data that appears on your website. Our premium job wrapping services ensure that job data goes through a stringent multi-level quality check before final delivery.

This means a well-populated job search engine with relevant job tags and location specific matches. Enrich your job board with quality postings from any source. Automate job content wrapping from corporate career sites to your job board. Our quality assurance encompasses all job aggregation whether specific clientele or bulk volumes of jobs.

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