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Job Crawling Services
that Ease up day-to-day

For job boards looking to scale, dealing with the day-to-day operations aspect of the business could be time-consuming or erroneous. Having the backing of a strong job crawler service ensures that the daily process of job scraping or web crawling posting is automated, leaving your job board with fewer overheads and more opportunities to scale.

Job Crawling Services
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We take care of daily job crawling

Propellum’s job crawler service specializes in fetching jobs automatically from your client’s company career page and then transfers them onto your job board.

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High-end site crawler technology

Unlike any other recruitment technology company in the field, Propellum has over 2 decades of experience with web spidering and job scraping solutions.

Our job crawling technology can extract and mine information through any scale of complexity.

Over this period of time we have scraped jobs for international giants like LinkedIn, Kijiji and Monster – helping them stream through some of their toughest scaling challenges. This gives us the skill and expertise to pre-empt a job board’s hurdles well in advance and deal with them deftly.

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Adaptive job crawling services for an un-matched user experience

Every job board faces a unique level of complexity depending on the job scraping specifications for their target companies or locations. Propellum’s job crawlers will match that complexity with our expertise enabling us to scrape jobs in any job or text format. This ensures the premium quality of the jobs provided on the career sites of companies. With Propellum’s Job crawling service, you can expect to display high-quality job ads from some of the best resources. This means, your users will be privy to a well-formed UI that’s complete with all job details and devoid of duplicate/dead jobs – boosting user satisfaction.
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What’s more?

Aside from being a robust job crawler, Propellum is renowned for its data accuracy and customer support. Here are a few things you can expect from our services –

  • A highly customized service that’s designed for accurate import from all kinds of job feeds
  • Our technology is compatible with all major recruitment technologies and ATS’s
  • We provide multilingual wrapping for global coverage
  • Easy Integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • 24x7 dedicated and proactive technical support
  • No overheads
  • Zero implementation cost
  • Email notifications and reports on a timely basis decided by you
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Start crafting a custom job scraping experience for your job board

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New to the Job Board business?

Here’s a run-down on Job Crawling Services

Every company website has its own career page or career section. These pages contain job postings that are uploaded whenever a vacancy emerges for an organization.

  • Propellum’s job crawler uses advanced technology to scan through the career pages of companies.
  • It scrapes job postings off the sources and these jobs are then subjected to high-quality scrutiny.
  • The jobs are checked for missing fields such as designation/job location and these necessary details are then accurately filled in using our special algorithms.
  • Once the jobs are checked for quality, they are then delivered to the target location. (In most cases, these target locations are job posting boards or career sites.)
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