Four Ways For Employers To Attract Attention Of Candidates Through Job Boards

Four Ways For Employers To Attract Attention Of Candidates Through Job Boards

Today we are living in an age where going digital is not only required, but is the only way to attract good talent. Candidates today have a plethora of avenues to seek employment through job boards and social media sites. With just one click, candidates can access a variety of job alternatives by subscribing to job portals. Even employers nowadays have the ability to quickly update their job feeds on different job boards using job feed api. They have to resort to various means for job postings to show up in the candidates job feed and to attract their attention. Below mentioned are some elements that employers must include in their job feed, to make themselves stand out.

4 ways how employers can attract attention of candidates through job boards are

  1. Easy to apply process– The job application process is by far the most critical way to capture candidate information. It is very important that candidates don’t drop off because the job application process turns them off .The job feeds should always include an easy to apply option which makes it interesting and convenient for the entire candidate user experience.
  2. Highlighting perks and benefits– Millions of people are looking for jobs and hence, it becomes important for employers to stand out and attract the right candidate. So, apart from job title, location and description, employers must include the perks and potential benefits of the job. Try mentioning benefits that are not offered by other companies like flexible working hours, casual dress code, office outings etc, that can help in attracting a candidate’s attention.
  3. Add a new interesting format– If a job posting deviates from the usual standard format, the candidate will undoubtedly click on it to know more about the position. Therefore, employ a creative and distinctive format for the job posting, instead of the same  standard format that is used by all companies. Sometimes even adding graphics or a dash of humor might help in grabbing the prospects’ attention. Companies with experience in job wrapping services like Propellum, come into the picture here as they can assist in customizing a job posting format in accordance with the client’s requirements.
  4. Detailed business information– Don’t forget to mention the specific details of the company like business background, facts, etc. This would result in the applicant expressing greater interest in the position. In order to stand out from other companies, it is crucial to mention in-detail about the company work culture and growth path that they offer, which would also help the prospective candidates who are likely keen to know what it is like to work for the company before taking up the job.

Besides these steps, it is also very important that employers have the ability to quickly update their job postings on multiple job boards. Job boards today provide such job feed api options to employers using third party job wrapping providers like Propellum to make quick updates. Don’t forget that all these elements cannot be relevant if it is not supported by a robust job feed api.