Enriching Job Data with Job Wrapping

Enriching Job Data with Job Wrapping

Did you know that having an engaged workforce could increase your company’s profitability by 20%? Not only does a Gallops report on employee engagement mention this but also the fact that the workforce in such companies is 15%+ more productive! This is because engaged employees are keen on achieving their targets as they are loyal and content with the company environment. Step 1 in achieving this goal is finding the right employee for your organization and it is something easier said than done. Why? Simple – missing and inaccurate information in job descriptions. However, a job wrapping tool can help solve this problem by enriching job data; this way, you will not miss out on adding any relevant information. We’ll tell you how below:

Categorize jobs to meet job board requirements

It is very important that jobs get properly mapped to the job board category else the search results would not show up the right results for the candidates. In this scenario the onus of mapping the relevant categories falls on the recruiter. However this problem can be effectively solved using a robust job automation software like Propellum. Propellum uses its proprietary job classification algorithm to correctly map each job to the most accurate job category. For example, a marketing job title listed as Assistant Manager on the recruiters website does not indicate as to which category it belongs on the job board. Propellum’s Job wrapping AI scours the job page on the client site and assigns a relevant category as Marketing on the job board.

Add better job search keywords

Relevant keywords in your job posts will ensure they get the maximum number of hits when searched for, thereby getting you quality leads when you require them the most.

  • Use relevant and industry standard job titles to avoid confusion.
  • Keep job titles less than 75 letters
  • A job automation api can make sure you comply with the esthetics of posting job data

Customize the job description
The more details you give in the job description, the better a prospective candidate understands exactly what you require and what they must do to fulfill this.

  • Mention job duties and responsibilities; use a job automation software to assist you with this.
  • Through customization you can also add detailed business information like facts, company background, brief about work culture that would help candidates to know what it’s like to work for the company before accepting a position.

Now that you know how a job automation api can help enrich job data, we are sure you are looking for the right partner. But, who?

Propellum for Job Data Automation

Propellum is a future-ready job data automation tool that helps companies with job scraping and wrapping. This ensures job boards scale the job posting process so you can get quicker and more relevant candidate results. However, we are not just saying so; some of the biggest employment sites in the world use our job scrapers. To know more, send us an email on info@propellum.com or call us on 1800-883-3094 between 9 am – 9 pm EST, Monday through Friday.