How can you use job wrapping to analyze competitor’s strategies?

How can you use job wrapping to analyze competitor’s strategies?

Employer companies consider attracting candidates as a major impediment in the way of growing their business. This is because most often they are not aware of what to include in job posts or how to devise their hiring strategy. What if there was an easy way of getting such competitor information so that hiring managers and recruiters can easily define their requirements viz a viz the norms or trends available in the industry. Many recruiters are not aware that they can easily access competitors’ data by using job scraping or job wrapping tools. Job wrapping helps companies to fill out the missing information in job posts by conducting a competitor analysis and aligning their hiring strategy. Employer companies who want to hire a candidate can analyze their competitors’ strategies by scraping job posts on their competitor’s career page using a job wrapping tool, so that they can inculcate the same strategies as their competitors to attract candidates. It helps you to run a check on what your competitors offer that your company doesn’t. This data proves to be beneficial as it helps you to improve the performance of your business by attracting the right candidates for your company. But what is that information about your competitors that job wrapping helps to provide? Read below:-

Through job post wrapping, you can get the following information about your competitors:-

Exact hiring roles– It is no hidden secret that most companies if not all would keep an eye on their competitor’s hiring strategy, as matching job roles with competitors companies can help in understanding where the concentration of candidates are for a particular job function or industry. By scraping job postings from competitors websites, you can find out the exact roles that competitors are opening in the market.

Time to fill positions– Job wrapping can scrape job postings to help you determine how long it takes your competitors to fill up a particular job position. This information allows you to understand how fast your competitor company is growing, so that you can set pace to fill job positions in your own company and modify your hiring strategy accordingly.

Frequency and location of jobs– Data aggregated by job wrapping even helps you to find out the number and frequency at which your competitors are hiring candidates. You can also find particular locations that they are hiring in, so you can open more positions in those areas to attract candidates.

Employee perks–  You can understand what perks and benefits your competitors offer by scraping job postings from their websites, as this will help you to determine the perks you want to add in the job post for your employees. Usually employees are on the hunt nowadays for jobs that offer them basic perks like flexible working schedules, bonus offerings, employee rewards, recognition programs, loan assistance, etc. But in case you miss out on anything that is crucial to add apart from these basic perks, scraping and analyzing competitors’ job postings always helps. Sometimes you can also find out the salary they are offering their employees and then decide the salary for a role in your company.

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