Job Board Experts Propellum Enters into a new partnership with an Industry-Leading Employee Communications Platform

Propellum Welcomes an Industry-Leading Employee Communications Platform

PRINCETON, N.J. – Nov. 28, 2022 – PRLog — Today, increasing job opportunities and technological development have led to the creation of online job search platforms. These platforms help both job posters and seekers fill professional vacancies by assisting them in finding suitable candidates at the right time, so organizations no longer have to face a workforce shortage.

Propellum provides a job scraping API solution, also known as job wrapping, that helps these job boards to enhance their sites and help them stand out from their rivals. It is also significantly reliable for web data crawling. Job wrapping improves job posts using XML feed as an XML job posting feed can update every job posting as per client-specific requirements and keep the company’s data structured and consistent. Through the vast services offered by Propellum, the recruitment procedure can become one hassle-free process.

Propellum provides several diversified services to clients that are more than just a job board. Over the years, the company has also focused on using their technological prowess to power the job data requirements for social media companies and sites that provide Human Resource solutions. Propellum’s job data intelligence is powering many companies that provide hiring market analytics. Even their newest client is not a conventional job searching platform; they are at the forefront of employee communication and engagement applications. In September 2022, Propellum welcomed this client on board. Based out of Central Europe and with a presence across three continents, the company wanted to scale up their global reach and have a strong partner for their global operations. With Propellum, they could employ the XML job posting feed to recruit multiple contractual personnel in a firm’s workforce, benefitting their clients in multiple locations worldwide and increase employment opportunities for them.

Hiring the best-suited candidates at the right time is a winning key for any organization to function smoothly. Propellum’s services aim to assist their clients in making their recruiting processes easier by enhancing their in-built workflow features for quicker onboarding. Enhancing the recruitment process with job posts using XML feed can optimize relevant data and keep it structured. Not only does Propellum provide significant tools for efficient job recruitment, but the job wrapping API solution also offers services in multiple languages, which has proven helpful to their global clients, especially those based out of non-English speaking countries. So far, Propellum has extended its services to more than 25 countries, making them even more convenient for a global clientele.

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