Job Aggregation & Job Wrapping: The Perfect Partners for Job Board Automation

Job Aggregation & Job Wrapping: The Perfect Partners for Job Board Automation

Managing a job board can become taxing and tedious. Job boards must ensure that they track, gather, and post job listings from the employers’ website frequently to ensure that their job board is updated with the latest jobs while weeding out inactive job posts. This process can get resource-intensive if handled manually. This is where technology steps in. Job boards must leverage technology, such as an automated job wrap system, to establish and maintain a competitive edge. Automated tools for job aggregation and job wrapping can significantly help job boards. These tools ensure that the recruitment process is automated and streamlined for job boards and employers alike, benefiting both. But, what exactly are these job aggregation and job wrapping tools?

Job aggregation

A job aggregation tool works like a search engine for job boards. It collects job postings from job boards from all over the internet and organizes them on a site.

Job wrapping

Job wrapping, on the other hand, is the process of finding job listings from the employers’ website and posting them on the job board the employers want to advertise on.

Why your job board needs job aggregation and job wrapping solutions

So, now that you know what job aggregation and job wrapping do, you might be wondering how these can benefit your job board. You may wonder “Why do I need these tools? How exactly are they useful to me? How are the jobs for job wrapping sourced? How will they be posted on my job board?” Don’t worry, all your questions will be answered. So here’s a look at how job aggregation and job wrap system can help in distinguishing your job board from the crowd.

Benefits of job aggregation

A job aggregation tool is the equivalent of the Google search engine, but for job boards. It searches and collects job listings from various sources and lists them on one site. It primarily acts as a job search engine tool rather than a job advertising platform. As the aggregation tool searches for jobs across the internet, it can scrape a large number of jobs for your job board. This can attract a large number of job seekers to your website. Regular visits from a large number of job seekers can result in an increased number of employers using your job board for recruitment. Thus, your job board can provide a quick and efficient way for job seekers as well as employers to fulfill their recruitment needs.

Benefits of premium job wrapping solutions

As discussed above, job wrapping solutions can be used to scrape, organize, and display your employers’ job listings on the job board. Job wrapping ensures that any updates regarding job vacancies and listings are regularly updated and displayed on your job board. Some key benefits of having a job wrapping solution for your job board are

  • Automatic job scraping: The entire process of job sourcing is automated with a job wrap system. The wrapping tool automatically searches for new jobs on the employer’s website and updates it on the job board. A premium job wrap system can accurately import job feeds from the employers’ website, autonomously. The jobs are then listed on the job board in a categorized manner. The job wrapping API can seamlessly interact with the ATS of the employer. Propellum’s tools are compatible with multiple job sources such as online documents, XML files, or via FTP. The employer can thus be assured that the online recruitment process needs no extra attention and is efficiently managed by a premium job automation tools. Additionally, such job aggregation and wrapping solutions provide multilingual support ensuring global coverage for employers. Thus, businesses having operations across the globe can manage their recruitment process efficiently with premium job wrapping services.
  • Consistency in format and structure: Job boards can have consistency in their job postings. Every job ad will have the same structure and formatting, making it easier for candidates to easily scan through hundreds of jobs. Candidates usually go through hundreds of job applications at a stretch, and the process can become frustrating if the different job postings have multiple font styles or structures. Job wrapping can ensure that the look and feel of your job board remain constant ensuring a pleasant experience for candidates and draw huge numbers.
  • Customized services: As mentioned above, employers can customize the wrapping tool as per their choice, which includes job posting, preferred communication channels, etc. For example, employers can specify the job board to display only their email addresses for candidates to communicate regarding a job vacancy. Premium tools provide complete customization regarding the online recruitment process. The jobs can be scrapped according to the frequency decided by the employer. The listings on the job board can be displayed in a pre-defined custom format as per the employer’s need. They can even include tools to further evaluate the skills of the candidate or the communication method for contact.
  • Elimination of manual work: The process of job wrapping provides end to end automation, which unburdens the current human resources employed. The wrapping tool periodically searches the employer’s website for new jobs and updates them on the job board.

How Propellum’s job aggregation and job wrap systems can help your job board

Now that you have an idea of how job aggregation and wrapping solutions work, here is a look at what sets Propellum’s tools apart.

  • Automatically fill in missing details: If by any chance, your job listing on the employer’s website contains missing information, the job wrapper can automatically fill the missing details. This ensures that your job posting is updated with complete information, which can increase candidates’ applications. Job seekers usually tend to ignore job listings with incomplete or inaccurate information.
  • Easy implementation: Propellum’s job wrapping solution not only has an easy implementation process but also has a zero cost of implementation. Job boards can start using Propellum’s job wrapping solution without the need for any technological or financial investment.
  • Data analytics: Using data analytics, job boards can gauge their performance. They can identify job listings with low user engagement. This can help job boards understand why certain jobs have a high bounce-off rate and can make better decisions regarding the same. Data analytics can also prove to be a great marketing tool for job boards. Job boards can identify which particular marketing campaigns attracted the most visitors and had a high-click through rate so they can plan future marketing campaigns accordingly. Propellum provides periodic analytical reports for your job boards for you to better improve your services and help in your growth.
  • Notifications: Propellum’s automated API can automatically send out notifications to employers via emails or text. These notifications can be related to the job applications received on the job posting or analytical reports. This helps employers to be updated on their job postings. They can then make informed decisions regarding their job listings according to the information provided in the notification.

Your job board can work even without job aggregation or job wrap systems. But a lot of resources will be utilized in managing the day to day operations of your job board. You might lag behind your competitors as they might already be using job aggregation and wrapping tools. Specialized job aggregation and wrapping solution providers such as Propellum can ensure that as a job board, you never again will have to worry about competition. Our job aggregation and job wrapping tools will help you create a fully automated job board and attract employers and job seekers alike.