It’s about time job boards cared about job wrapping tools

It’s about time job boards cared about job wrapping tools


It may come as a surprise to many, but in April this year, there were more job openings in the US than unemployed people to fill them. Add to this the USDL’s projection of 11.5 million new jobs being added between 2016- 2026, and you’ll know that it’s a great time to be a job service provider. However, just being a job board company won’t prove good enough to profit from the flourishing job market. The job board market, much like the job market itself, is brimming with the competition. And to make the most of this opportunity, the ambitious job boards will need to differentiate themselves from the rest. However, that’s easier said than done.


Other than a handful of the top job boards, very few job board companies succeed in gaining more than a tiny fraction of the multi-billion dollar job market. This is because most job boards find it hard to acquire enough information – both quantitatively and qualitatively – regarding job postings. And this is the situation despite job boards investing huge amounts of resources in their business, and despite there being enough information online for the job boards to leverage. So, the problem is not the lack of information, but the lack of tools to capture the information from the available sources. This is the reason why even the most niche job boards find it difficult to gain a stronghold in the market. The market today is too big to be tapped into manually. To stay relevant amidst the growing competition, job boards need to have a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to acquiring and posting job data. The right job wrapping tools are, therefore, a sheer necessity for job boards, now. So, here are some of the most concrete ways in which job wrapping tools can enhance job boards.


Making aggregation comprehensive

A high-performing job board requires a high number of job postings to attract as many job-seekers as it can. Job-seekers prefer job boards that bring jobs from all possible sources in one location, to avoid opening numerous tabs when browsing jobs. One of the reasons why the top job boards succeed is the variety of jobs that can easily be found on their site alone. Premium job wrapping tools use advanced algorithms to find jobs from a wide range of online sources. These sources more or less comprise of corporate career sites and applicant tracking systems (ATS), where companies post their hiring requirements. While such a process can be done manually too, it would require a lot of time and effort, which should ideally be saved for the core tasks. A good job wrapping tool can scour through any number of career sites to scrape jobs with all associated details and post it onto a job board. Such job wrapping tools can also be used to get job postings from other job boards and directories.


Job wrapping tools can especially help niche job boards such as those that serve a specific industry-type or geographic location. This is because such jobs have to be fished out from a pool of various irrelevant jobs from different other sites. The task can be made easier, more efficient with job wrapping tools that are customized to look for specific type of jobs only. For instance, a local job board can program a wrapping tool to selectively gather local job postings.


Automating job posting

No two job boards are the same. Every job board has a different and unique standard format to which every posting on it adheres to. The difference in format is also present across the employer sites from which the jobs are sourced. Manually copying job details from the career site and entering them on a job board is an inefficient approach. The use of job wrapping tools eliminates the need for manual data entry. These tools can read and identify different types of information linked with each job posting, be it experience, educational qualifications, salary, or anything else. Premium job wrapping tools like Propellum can automatically detect and post such details onto a job board.


Giving job-seekers as much data as possible in one location makes the job board more popular with candidates, and consequently with the employers. A job wrapping tool ensures that a job board is updated as soon as a vacancy is posted online, in real-time. Job-seekers prefer job boards that get them the most coveted jobs before they go viral. Only the job boards that give an advantage to their users are the ones that gain an advantage over competitors.


Improving job data quality

A significant indicator of a job board’s performance and success is the accuracy of the information it provides. You might have come across numerous job boards that continue to advertise jobs that are no longer active. You might have also noticed job postings that lead to other job boards instead of the original career site. Such posts waste job-seekers’ time and leave them with an unpleasant experience of searching jobs on the job board in question. Another frustrating scenario for job-seekers is when the posting on the job board gives incomplete, vague, and generalized information. This may deceive the user into thinking the job is relevant to them. The user clicks on the link, only to find more details that disqualify him or make the job irrelevant altogether. Certain job boards may even do this intentionally to attract more traffic. However, this is a major mistake that will only haunt the job board companies in the long term. Repeatedly delivering low-quality, misleading information leads to infamy that can be hard to recover from.


Job wrapping tools help job boards to avoid such mistakes. An end-to-end job wrapping tool traces jobs back to their original location and keeps track of any changes made. The tool weeds out jobs from the job board as soon as they are closed by the recruiting companies. Premium job wrapping tools ensure that all the necessary job details are available before posting a job on the job board. This makes the job board highly consistent with respect to the accuracy of data it displays. Job boards, as a result, become more reliable for job-seekers, and consequently more popular than their competitors.


Minimizing cost overheads

To obtain an in-house end-to-end job wrapping tool, you will need to get together the required software, hardware, and human resources. Besides, the maintenance and updating of the tool, once built, will require additional work and expenditure, now and then, keeping paid technicians on-roll.  All of this will lead to increased cost and maintenance overheads, distracting job boards from their core business.


Investing in premium job wrapping tools such as Propellum ensures that you incur no implementation and upgrade costs. Using premium job wrapping tools always keeps you multiple steps ahead of your competitors. Since job wrapping technology is relatively new, there are very few solutions commercially available. Fewer still are end-to-end job wrapping solutions that come with the quality, customization, and lifetime support as Propellum’s EasyPost. So, if you want your job board to join the ranks of the market leaders, then Propellum will be glad to propel you to the top!