Job boards can use technology without drowning in it

Job boards can use technology without drowning in it


Did you know that the top three job board companies in America own over 60% of the overall market share? This disparity can be attributed to several reasons, including the amount of time they’ve been around and the quality of service they provide.

Now, if you’re a relatively new job board company, you then need to make quality your top priority! In the recruiting business, the quality of service largely depends on the quality of insights informing the service strategy. The most popularly preferred job boards connect employers with the most suitable candidates by leveraging multiple types of data.

Such job boards also provide job-seekers with valuable data, enabling them to make the right choice when deciding where to work. For instance, LinkedIn is introducing a feature that uses navigation and maps to evaluate jobs based on how far they are from the candidate. Job board services, when powered by technology, helps a job board look more appealing to both employers and candidates.

If you want your job board to perform better than it currently is, and join the league of top performing job boards, you will need to use right job posting software to enhance your offerings. And it’s not just about adopting any other software, but the one that can keep up with the changing job market. But isn’t the technology itself trapped in the whirlwind of innovation, changing now and then? And so, is the risk of involving technology in your job board business a smart move? Read on to find answers to such questions.


Let’s admit it – we need technology!

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A major reason for the growth and propagation of technology has been the fact that it works. Technology not only supports the growth of a business but also creates opportunities for new, unprecedented products and services, to emerge. In fact, the birth of job boards itself can be credited to a technological innovation that revolutionized global interconnectivity – the internet. And not just the birth, but the worldwide penetration of the internet and information technology has enabled job boards to grow into what they are today – a global market hauling revenues in billions of dollars annually. Yes, you read that correct – Billions! So if you run a job board company, remember that there’s plenty of pie to go around.

The huge market growth has attracted hundreds, if not thousands, of players into the job board market, only making the competition more fierce and cut-throat. So, what do you do to stand out in an industry where every player is armed with the ‘right’technology? The answer is – you use better technology.  You adapt faster than everybody else does. You enter a knife-fight armed with a gun. That’s how you guarantee a victory. Wondering what does this mean in the context of job boards? It means you need to constantly seek and identify the newly emerging technologies in your area of business that could make your job boards most effective. Having highly effective job boards means connecting the top-most talent with the best of employers, becoming everyone’s favorite, go-to job board.


The problem of plenty

Choosing a job board


When it comes to improving your job board’s performance, the keyword is insights. The ‘right’ insights lend your job board credibility and popularity. But the problem with insights is that there are just too many of these; thanks to big data. Similarly, there are too many options when it comes to choosing the right technology that can offer the sought after insights. Right from big data and analytics to the super fancy AI and machine learning. Not to forget, blockchain too. Is every technology claiming to be the singular solution for all your insight needs? Now, although the use of these technologies is important for improving your job board’s performance, the hype surrounding them may confuse and even mislead you. So, let’s clear the air.

Big data analytics can give you deeper insights into individual candidate profiles, giving you a bigger, more relevant pool of candidates to target. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning, can improve the job wrapping and job posting processes. The job boards that use these technologies strategically will ensure a definitive advantage over competitors. This requires expertise in technological implementation, which most job board companies do not possess, and for a good reason – they’re a job board, not some Microsoft.


The key is to use the right technology, the right way

Using technology


The challenge then for job board companies is selecting and implementing technologies that they truly need, and in ways that will substantially help them. Applying technology that you don’t need and can’t implement well in your business is like recommending an engineering job to a fine arts graduate – it helps no one.

To ensure you choose the right technological path, you will need to obtain professional help. A professional team with expertise and experience will support your technology endeavors and will ensure returns on your investment. This move may cost you a premium depending on the level of expertise you require. But look upon the cost as an investment. However, you need to make sure that your technology partner is offering constant tool upgrades without charging you heftily every single time.

The safest way to ensure that your job board gains, as well as, maintains a technological advantage is by creating a full-time, in-house IT team. However, maintaining an in-house team will involve multiple cost overheads, over a function that’s not your business’ forte.


Technology may best be left to professionals

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Managing a job board company requires much more than just technological expertise. So, focus on your core. Your company needs you to be a leader, a marketer, not a data scientist or a programmer. Even if you are proficient in technology, you should be spending time shouldering the core business responsibilities. After all, even though he was good at it, it wasn’t exactly Steve Jobs’ coding skills that helped him make Apple the powerhouse it is today, right?


What Steve Jobs gave to Apple was his excellent vision and the ability to delegate the right people for the right job. That is what you need to do to ensure sustained success and growth for your job. Now, while listing down the best recruitment technology providers, confidently place Propellum on the top.


Propellum is a one-stop solution for all your job board’s technological needs – be it job crawling, job aggregation, or job wrapping. Signing up with Propellum gives you top-notch job wrapping solutions, timely upgrades at no additional costs, and proactive customer care. Job boards of all sizes, operating across geographies and dealing with most niche segments are already taking advantage of Propellum’s job feed service and job post software. So, what do you plan to do – drown in the complexities of technology or ride it to success with Propellum?