How top job boards flourish with the right job posting aggregator API

How top job boards flourish with the right job posting aggregator API

Initially, job boards and other employment sites were highly basic in nature. Job boards would focus heavily on winning contracts from recruitment agencies and had one-size-fits-all, threadbare job listings — the kind that would be enlisted on flimsy user interfaces with candidates having to upload their resumes and a few other details if they were looking for employment. In stark contrast, today, job boards’ functionalities have increased. Some boards, such as LinkedIn, operate as professional networking platforms instead of existing as unidimensional job sites. No longer simply posting jobs in bulk without any customization, boards today are expected to scrape, curate, format and verify listings to mold them as per audience requirements. The biggest job boards automate job posting through intelligent job search aggregators, such as the ones employed by Propellum.

Propellum’s job search aggregators, combined with our job posting aggregator API, can transform middling job boards and make them successful in terms of scaling and quality.

Job posting aggregator API ensures client-specific postings

Propellum’s job posting aggregator API provides an attractive UI that is both aesthetic and functional at the same time for job-seeking candidates. The job posting aggregator API enables users to find relevant information about job posts in the shortest possible time. Propellum’s job search aggregator improves the internal search algorithms on your job site to meet that objective. From job boards’ perspective, Propellum‘s intelligent crawlers and niche job aggregation tools scrape and post jobs that are customized as per your requirements. So, if a job board specializes in advertising jobs belonging to a particular sector — for example, travel or content marketing — Propellum’s crawlers will exclusively scrape high-quality jobs in those sectors for applicants. Such features enable your job board to attract newer audiences with sheer quality and variety in job scraping and posting.

Job search aggregator facilitates on-demand scaling

In addition to scraping high-quality, customized job posts, the job search aggregator also facilitates on-demand scalability for job boards. As you may know, achievable scalability is a vital part of managing fluctuating employment demand of applicants. Propellum’s crawlers, job verification algorithms and highly-skilled personnel make it possible to wrap several million jobs per minute for job boards for this purpose.

Propellum’s job search aggregator and job posting aggregator API are essential to the growth and sustained success of our renowned clientele. Similarly, you can set up your digital employment platform to become a leading job board with Propellum’s world-class job automation services.

You can get in touch with our customer service team to know more about Propellum’s Mega Wrap and automated job feed services for job boards.