Use niche job aggregation to kick-start your niche job board operation

Use niche job aggregation to kick-start your niche job board operation

A majority of job applicants today seek employment through job boards and other online sources. Additionally, with recovering global FDI and a growth in the number of new vocational courses for students worldwide, the number of individuals opting for super-specialized jobs will increase. Due to these factors, now is an opportune time to establish a niche online job board. After identifying your niche industry and creating a website for your board, your two main objectives will be:

  • To add quality job listings on your site using niche job aggregator.
  • To digitally inform as many candidates as possible about your online platform.

Scape jobs with niche job aggregation

To achieve the first objective, you must scrape job listings from the career sites or the companies in your chosen niche subsector before posting them on your web platform. Ideally, such jobs must be posted on your website as soon as they are launched online by the recruiters. This is achieved by employing career portal aggregation tools, or by seeking the services of job automation service providers such as Propellum. For instance, Propellum’s advanced job crawlers traverse the length and breadth of the internet to look for newly posted listings on the websites of companies of the selected niche subsector. Propellum’s web crawlers and scraping tools promptly post such listings on your online board. Job automation can be used in combination with directly communicating with the recruiting companies in need of personnel. By drawing openings directly from the source, your job board can avoid backfilling, a common issue that plagues big job boards. Backfilling lowers the quality of job listings as they involve the scraping of posts from other job boards.

Increase the visibility of your aggregate jobs listings

Niche job boards need to invest more effort than generalized ones to promote themselves. Normally, ‘regular’ job boards fetch more visitors than niche job sites due to the sheer number of applicants on the internet. The promotion can be carried out via new blogs and social media posts on your pages regularly. Apart from that, well-written press releases offer a formalized way to spread information about the quality of jobs on your board. Additionally, announcements at stakeholder events and meetings are highly advisable for promotion too. A well-thought-out email marketing strategy to send emails to your contact list is also a common way of increasing awareness regarding your job board.

To ensure that your marketing content ranks highly among search results when job seekers look for employment opportunities in ‘your’ niche subsector online, your digital marketing and IT team must optimize it to be SEO-friendly. After launching your job board, you will need to monitor its growth continuously. In the long-term, monitoring allows you to determine the promotional strategy and niche job aggregation ideas that optimize your growth and audience engagement.

Propellum’s automation tools such as job wrapping and job feed enable you to scale your board without hassles. Crucially, an increase in the number of listings on your website does not affect their quality in any way. Additionally, our reliable customer service team are always on hand resolve your issues and queries related to our automation service. You can contact us to know more about our cost-efficient mega wrap and job crawling tools.