5 ways for performing an automated job search

5 ways for performing an automated job search


The digital age has arrived. In a world of stiff competition, to stay ahead of the curve, businesses are expected to be flexible enough to accommodate the current trends in their field. With the help of new-age technologies, job boards are not only automating their low-quality jobs but also providing incredible applications to the end users.

Technology is simply helping people automate their work to never-thought-before levels. From preparing coffee and food to driving, everything that we on a daily basis, is or can be, partially or fully automated. Due to this reason, people today, especially the millennials, have become highly impatient when they require any assistance.

From ordering food to booking movie tickets to hunting for a new job, millennials demand quick results! For today’s generation, speed is everything, and automation serves this demand well. Job automation software, too, is a step in the same direction. The hype around automation is for real, and the buzz that everyone has created around the need for automation is, quite frankly, justified. Why, you ask? Because automation:

  • enhances accuracy and adds efficiency,
  • increases labor productivity, and
  • leaves time for leisure.

One such area where automation can offer huge benefits is in helping candidates search their dream jobs super fast.

Candidates earlier used to skim through newspapers to find a job opening. But today, we hardly see anyone using this approach. Instead, a very quick approach is followed by candidates, which goes like – downloading a job automation software, creating an account, applying for the relevant jobs, and getting hired. Candidates feel closer to their dream jobs.

Automated job search has become possible with due diligence on part of job boards. Here are five of the most easy and popular ways, candidates can automate their job search:

1.                 Voice assistants

voice assist job search
voice assist job search


After having voice assistants, our very personal assistants who work at the beck and call of our voice,  what more luxury could we expect from technology? Voice assistants help us perform a variety of our tasks, right from reminding us about our to-do lists to answering calls for us to ordering stuff online for us, and so on and so forth. Similarly, candidates can command their assistants to remind them to apply for a job too, in case they get too caught up during the day and fear missing out on a deadline.


2.                 Google alerts

job alerts
job alerts


Trends in this fast-paced digital world rapidly change, which is why candidates are required to stay up-to-date with news. By setting up Google alerts, candidates can now sit back comfortably without missing out on any alerts. As and when news appears online, candidates will get notifications on their smartphones. Candidates would never miss out on any industry trend this way, and hence never miss out on a job opportunity, if one arises.


3.                 Scheduler apps

scheduler apps
scheduler apps

Let’s say you are actively looking out for a job and you happen to meet a recruiter somewhere. Post conversation, the recruiter provides you his email ID so that you can get in touch with him in future. Growing your network and connections will help you reach your dream job, so you decide to send the recruiter a greeting message. But, you don’t want to seem overeager too by sending the mail at that moment. Also, you don’t want to get involved in your work for the day and forget later to send the mail. Using tools like Boomerang you can schedule the time for when a mail should be sent. Even if recruiters are bombarded with tons of emails from applicants, a candidate should strategize in a way that his mail stands out.


4.                 Professional networking sites

networking for jobs
networking for jobs

By creating an account on professional networking sites, candidates can make connections with experienced and qualified people working in the same industry they wish to work in. Through such interactions, candidates can gain a lot of insights that they can otherwise never access. There is also a possibility for candidates to meet like-minded people on such sites, partner with them, and initiate a venture of their own. Hence, candidates get an opportunity to grow their network, learn sound professional ethics, and adapt to the requirements so that they transform into a pro.


5.                 Job boards

job boards
job boards

Another obvious yet most efficient way candidates can have an automated job search experience is by using a job board. With relevant keywords such as ‘designation’ and ‘location,’ job boards will list down information on various job postings across organizations. Candidates can apply for jobs within seconds using a job board.


How can job boards prepare for automated job search?


Numerous options are available in the market, but the most extensively picked platform for automated job search is a job board. As more and more students rely on job boards for reaching their dream company, job boards should host the latest, most relevant jobs postings for the candidates.


To enhance the experience of job search automation for candidates, job boards should scour the Internet, collate the job openings from multiple sources, and then list them down for candidates. To be able to achieve all this, job boards should first automate their back-end processes.


Right from job crawling to job aggregation to job wrapping, everything should be automated, as much as possible. As soon as a position opens up, regardless of the domain, it should reflect on a job board. And only a premium job automation tool like Propellum can help job boards achieve this. By leveraging Propellum, job boards can:


  • automate the job posting process,
  • improve job board listing through relevant content,
  • categorize jobs under appropriates functions,
  • process millions of jobs each day,
  • get 24*7 customer service, and
  • benefit from flexible solutions throughout the job automation cycle.


Applying and searching for a new job has never been easy.  A lot of time has to be invested if candidates want to achieve their dream job. But today, technologies share a candidate’s stress happily. Candidates look up to job boards and job boards must turn to Propellum!