How Propellum’s algorithms optimize job parsing for leading job boards

How Propellum’s algorithms optimize job parsing for leading job boards

Any semi-decent aggregator today can provide your board with average to good job parsing solutions. For job parsing, job automation service providers use standard job parser software that compiles job data-related information from the internet into designated databases in basic XML format. Then, this data is posted on job sites online. While this works for most job sites, the leading job boards look for quality assurance and scalability from their job parser and job posting tools. Propellum’s job crawlers, algorithms, and job parsing API bring quality and customization in your job listings and, ultimately, more audience to your job site while enabling it to float alongside the biggest job boards online in a saturated recruitment ocean.

Greater scalability with Propellum’s job parsing solutions

Before Propellum’s algorithms come into play, Propellum’s job crawlers, job feed service, and job posting API carry out the collective tasks of scanning the web for the best and most in-demand jobs at any given moment. The type of jobs scraped depends on the vacancies containing the highest demand. For making Propellum’s job posts scalable and far-reaching for all its users, Propellum uses specialized tools. Propellum’s advanced job feed is perfectly capable of scraping and posting thousands of jobs on a second-by-second basis. This enables job boards to gradually scale their capacities and reach a wider target audience. Propellum’s job crawling and job parsing tools find jobs for all regions and, more importantly, in diverse languages. This particular feature also makes your postings usable for job-seeking candidates who’re not proficient in English. Apart from such customization, Propellum’s tools, including its job parsing tool, continuously run quality checks of each post before listing it on your job site. As you will see later, the quality of job posts and job parsing is key to building the reliability factor of your job site. Most importantly, using Propellum’s crawlers will not increase your overhead expenses and implementation costs.

More rounded job posts with job parser and intelligent algorithms

As stated earlier, the open vacancies collected by Propellum‘s intelligent crawlers undergo several quality checks. Firstly, the authenticity of such posts is checked to eliminate the fraudulent ones. Then, Propellum’s intelligent algorithms use predictive analysis to accurately complete the details related to designation, role requirements, and others if such information is missing from the posts. As a result, the algorithms, coupled with intelligent job parsing solutions, prevent incoherent or incomplete posts from being listed on your job sites.

These are just a handful of ways in which Propellum’s job automation tools optimize your job boards. Many of the world’s biggest job sites have partnered with Propellum to keep their online job feeds consistently fresh, customized and scalable.

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