Enrich your job site using Propellum’s intelligent job aggregator API

Enrich your job site using Propellum’s intelligent job aggregator API

For the best job search sites on the internet, scalability remains the biggest priority. After all, the sheer number of available vacancies on a job site draws in job-seeking applicants. However, apart from limitless scalability, job sites and job aggregators in USA must also seek completeness and coherence in information in the published job postings. Achieving this objective depends upon not just scraping thousands of job posts but also carrying out data research regarding alternate job vacancies and their pros and cons. Your job board can achieve this target with the help of Propellum’s specialized job aggregator API and other tools and services.

Enhancing quality of postings with job aggregator API

The best job search sites offer much more than just job vacancies. They allow applicants to take multiple personality tests and skill assessments while they apply for jobs. This is possible by adopting a data-driven approach to job automation. Propellum’s job aggregator API helps display collected data from career job portals and websites of organizations looking to recruit. As the data is accumulated from different sites, they are generally incomplete and in present different digital formats. Propellum’s job automation tools, which augment postings on the best job search sites, enrich job postings by verifying their authenticity. Then, the informational gaps in such posts are filled with the relevant data after our web crawlers find it on the recruiter’s website. So, the job applicants not only get complete information regarding the open job vacancy but also a glimpse of the corporate culture of their prospective future employers. This feature enables job boards to manage high-volume job feed deliveries, with every job post containing enough useful details for job applicants. Propellum’s job aggregator API enables posting in several formats such as HTML feed, XML, and other types.

Providing customized solutions for the best job search sites

Propellum’s job aggregator API ensures that the postings made on your job site are customized as per your target audience and compatibility requirements. Like the best job search sites, your job board will need postings that can be useful to applicants from a wide variety of sectors. Propellum’s intelligent job scraping crawlers and job feed services provide job postings that encompass every type of applicant.

So, while our job feed and wrapping tools ensure that scaling is continuous and consistent, Propellum’s job aggregator API ensures that the posts possess the quality to go with the scale.

The leading job aggregators in USA are expected to meet the quality and scaling targets of job boards on a daily basis. As Propellum’s burgeoning clientele shows, our job aggregator API achieves that objective effectively.

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