Job wrapping is the shortcut to increased web traffic for job boards!

Job wrapping is the shortcut to increased web traffic for job boards!

You’re a job board. Your work is to collate and post job vacancies. So you create a beautiful website and post some randomly picked and some accidentally found job posts. If that’s how you mean to operate, then please do not read any further. This article is not for you. But, if you’re a job board that’s serious about its business and wants to become the go-to job platform for companies and candidates alike, this article is all about you!

The competition in the field of recruitment is immense. Job boards form a strong pillar in the recruitment field and, therefore, can’t escape the pressure. Employers and recruiters are becoming more and more selective about their choice of job boards. The demand for niche and quality candidate profiles is only rising. On the other hand, candidates have multiple job opportunities waiting for them, courtesy the current low unemployment rates. So, it’s no big surprise that employers and recruiters have high hopes from the job board they choose to invest in.

…but first, job wrapping

To fulfill the expectations of employers and recruiters, and to keep candidates hooked for more, job boards need to do a lot of things. But for anything to happen successfully, job boards must first replace manual job scouring with automated job wrapping. Automated job wrapping is often undermined and underrated by job boards. Most job boards either use some off-the-shelf job wrapping tool or don’t see any value in automating the process altogether. A lot of this has got to do with the price at which premium, automated job wrapping services operate.

Job boards look upon automated job wrapping as a luxury. They feel that automating job wrapping is great if one can do it, but you can manage just fine without it too. This attitude stems from the limited scope that job boards attach with a job wrapping software. Automating job wrapping, contrary to the common belief, is not just doing away with the manual; it’s way more than that. It’s about

  • customization,
  • state-of-the-art features,
  • quick turnaround,
  • customer focus, and
  • operational scalability.

Talking about the off-the-shelf versus premium job wrapping tool, here’s what you need to know. With an off-the-shelf or in-house job wrapping tool, you’ll need a dedicated team to use the tool for your job board. Besides, scalability and customization will go completely out of the picture. So, tomorrow if you wish to wrap jobs for more recruiters, you’ve got to brace yourself for a tough time ahead. The idea of having a dedicated team for using a job wrapping tool also makes no practical sense whatsoever. We say this because a dedicated in-house job wrapping team would make job wrapping a primary rather than supplementary concern for the job board. Hence, job boards would have to lose focus on their core business goals and worry about job wrapping all the time.

We’d also like to share here that by not using a customized job wrapping tool, you are taking the responsibility for any future technical glitch or lack of technology updates upon yourself. FYI – in most cases, you can’t fix them, and the seller of the tool won’t do anything without charging you extra. All in all, a bad deal we’d say, as much as it we’d call it ironical. You could have simply outsourced your entire job wrapping needs to a premium job aggregator like Propellum. But you chose to go about doing so much to save money, ending up in sheer disappointment.

Hold on. There’s more to job wrapping.

We’re pretty sure you didn’t think of the many possibilities that a premium job wrapper could offer (beyond job wrapping of course). So, without much ado, here’s what a job wrapper can do for your job board:

Job syndication

Job syndication enables a job board to create it’s name and standing in the industry. With the help of a job wrapper, a job board can syndicate with various career and employer sites. The syndication keeps the job board informed of any job postings added by an employer, in real-time. Through job syndication, job boards get access to the job postings of some of the most prominent organizations across multiple industry verticals. Following the footsteps of the big organizations, the small and mid-sized companies also get lured into syndicating with these job boards. And all of this is made possible by a job wrapper that helps job boards build trust in the minds of employers. Well wrapped jobs perform well on the job boards. This encourages more and more organizations to syndicate with a job board.

Job crawling

Job crawling is nothing but the power of traditional web crawling techniques unleashed in the field of recruitment. Job crawling scours the Internet for the latest, most niche, and relevant job feeds for a job portal. Power crawling done well won’t leave any stone unturned when hunting job feeds online. So, if a job exists, job crawling will end up finding it. A premium job wrapper like Propellum, that also offers job crawling, not just finds but also wraps up a job posting for a job board.

Job feed categorization

Presentation sells! And that’s a fact. No employer or recruiter is even slightly interested in a job board that puts up job postings in an aesthetically unpleasant fashion. The way jobs are arranged, described, and classified has a huge bearing on a candidate’s impression and experience. A candidate will not spend adequate time browsing jobs on a board that has erratic and uncategorized jobs posted. However, there is no role of web designing here. The key to a clean categorization of job postings lies with your job wrapper. An efficient job wrapper ensures appropriate categorization of jobs before they go live on the job board.

Job wrapping

The most obvious and biggest benefit of using a job wrapper. Job wrapping updates a job board with job postings, and any updates on them, on a regular basis. But that’s not it. Job wrapping does everything possible to boost the quality of job postings on a job board. The aim is to help close job postings as quickly as possible, with the best possible talent.

Web traffic

Job wrappers take care of the smallest details that lead to a marked improvement in the performance of job postings. Propellum, for instance,

  • retains the entire ad copy created by the employer or recruiter,
  • translates HTML code into text, so all job postings look professional on the job board,
  • helps with improved SEO ranking for employers as it retains the SEO-ready ad copy in its entirety, and
  • adds the relevant meta tags and classifies job postings.

All these factors make the job portal optimized for search engines. And once a web page is search engine optimized, traffic on the page is bound to increase.

Brand building

Branding goes a long way in acquiring and retaining employer, recruiter, as well as candidate traffic on a job board. Remember, job postings beget more job postings! The wider the range of job postings, the more relevant the job postings, the more categorized the job postings, higher the traction for employers and candidates. But to reach a place where your job board is looked upon as a brand, you need access to the most coveted job feeds. And this happens with job wrapping. Job wrapping, therefore, is not just a short-term fix but also a long-term strategy.

The potential of job wrapping is much more than meets the eye. Job wrapping, when done using a tool like Propellum that’s backed by rock-solid technology, can offer a job board:

  • Customization to meet the specific business needs of the job board
  • Future-proof technology
  • Round the clock support of domain experts and technical teams
  • Accurate import of all kinds of job feeds
  • Compatibility with all major recruitment technologies and ATSs
  • Global coverage with the provision of multilingual wrapping
  • Seamless integration with a job board’s existing IT infrastructure
  • Zero cost of implementation
  • Dashboard for analytics and reporting
  • Notifications via emails and text messages


So go ahead and explore Propellum’s automated SaaS job wrapping and spidering solutions today!