3 advantages of automating data entry into job posting boards

3 advantages of automating data entry into job posting boards

Job posting boards were created to make job search and recruitment easy. While several job boards and job engines may have filled the market today, the idea of making recruitment easy continues to guide the game. However, there are other undeniable factors shaping the destiny of job posting boards too. Advancement in technology, the flickering employment rates, and the demand for more from employers and candidates have shaped a new set of expectations from job posting boards.

Employers and recruiters expect the best of candidates with the most sought-after skill sets. Candidates aren’t far behind too and demand access to the most relevant job postings. And just to put things in perspective, neither party is in any mood to waste time and the option to switch to another job board is always around the corner. Now, amidst such challenging requirements, what keeps a job posting board afloat is data.


Data then and data now


Until a few years back, data for job posting boards simply meant having a board filled with jobs of all kinds. The idea was that when a candidate came to the board, he should see some jobs there. The relevance of the jobs, their categorization, their current status, none of it mattered. These were days when employers would look upon job posting boards as a supplement to their own career sites. Recruiters, on the other hand, required a mere duplication of job postings from career sites onto the job posting board.

However, with the digital turn of events, job posting boards have gone from being ancillary to necessary. Classifieds and walk-in interviews have become rare and obsolete practices. Job postings need to be where the viewers are, and only an in-demand talent deserves a recruiter’s precious time. So, random and abstract data on vacancies will just not work. Data needs cleaning and pruning before it goes up on a job posting board.

Recruiters look forward to associations with job boards that have the reputation of hosting the most premium and exclusive job postings. A job posting board that displays the same job, that several other boards do, is certainly not what recruiters and employers are looking for. Besides, the authenticity of information is of prime importance to a recruiter. A recruiter is bound to get pissed if candidates for a job, that has already been filled but is still visible on the job posting board, contact him. Therefore, job data on the job posting boards today, needs to be frequently updated and religiously maintained.


Easier said than done


Yes, data is the key to success. And yes, the right data makes all the difference between a successful and not so successful job posting board. But how do you get this data? It’s not some commodity that’s out there for sale, after all. You can’t buy some and have it magically transform your job board. You need to earn your job data. You need to:

  • Gain access to the most coveted employer sites
  • Ensure you have the latest job data available to you
  • Crawl your way through the most remote yet sought-after job postings out there on the Internet
  • Maintain a consistent supply of job postings
  • Stay clear of redundant and invalid job postings

And while reading the list above may be easy, accomplishing it may not be so. While we don’t mean to discourage you, we don’t want to leave you with false hopes either. Accessing fresh, niche, premium, and authentic job postings on a regular basis cannot be made possible manually. Besides, once you have the data, entering it on the job board is a bigger challenge. You will have to deal with diverse data sources and formats, and consistency and speed will question your decision to handle things manually.


The power of automated data entry into job posting boards


We’ll come straight to the solution – automate the data entry for your job posting boards. Don’t be deceived by the over-simplistic connotation of the solution. Technological advancement has made ‘automation of processes’ a loosely thrown around phrase. We don’t know about other contexts, but talking of job posting boards, automation of data entry is the best, and fortunately the easiest, way to become the leading job board.

Automated job data wrapping and entry can change the face of your business. Automation allows you to focus on other core competencies while leaving data entry to it. Here are three big advantages of automating data entry into job posting boards:


1.      Be found

Automated job entry involves the work of intelligent software, like Propellum. Such software has a keen eye for detail. The software is algorithmically trained to ensure that no critical piece of information or relevant tag is ever missed out. Metadata, like job skills and job titles, play a key role when candidates search for a job online. To become a popular job posting board with candidates, you need to return relevant search results. On the other hand, recruiters and employers would want to post jobs on a board that has high visibility to the audience. To be found, a job posting board needs to have the right data, that’s entered correctly.

2.      Keep it short

Top employers and recruiters prefer succinct job descriptions. They find extremely long and detailed job descriptions to be amateurish and unnecessary. A candidate needs to know enough to apply; the rest can follow if and when the recruiter gets back to the candidate. Besides, lengthy and exhaustive descriptions fail to capture a candidate’s interest too. Candidates have no more than a few seconds to glance through a job description.

Automated job data entry ensures that the guidelines of the employer are strictly adhered to when creating a job description. It looks and enters only the required data while filtering out all the unnecessary information. Furthermore, there is no scope for ambiguity or grammatical and syntactical errors with automation.

3.      Quality over quantity

A lot of job boards add extraneous information to their job data, only to pop up as a result of every job search. Adding pointless keywords to job descriptions will not make them relevant to a candidate. In the haste to reach the maximum number of candidates, job boards end up choosing quantity over quality. Obviously, recruiters will not want an association with a job board that employs such deceitful tactics.

Automated data entry increases outreach to qualified and interested candidates. The process puts the right keywords and tags in place. The result is an increase in the credibility of the job board and more business from employers.


To leverage such advantages, however, you need a sophisticated job data automation tool like Propellum – a premium tool that looks into the end-to-end needs of your job posting board. Propellum understands that a quick fix or off-the-shelf data entry automation tool will not deliver a seamless experience to your clients. You need a tool that not just automates but elevates all job board processes. Accordingly, Propellum offers a holistic solution to job boards via:

  • Job wrapping
  • Job aggregation
  • Job classification
  • Job crawling
  • Job data entry automation


But that’s not all! Propellum doesn’t do its bit and then vanish; Propellum stays with the job board all throughout. The tool keeps the job posting board ready to face competition at all times. Customized features and future-proof technology makes your job board exclusive, original, and market-ready, always!