Monetize local job postings with customized job wrapping

Monetize local job postings with customized job wrapping

Competition, you know. It just changes everything about your business – your service offerings, your business model, and for that matter, even your business altogether! Yeah, you read that right! Competition does make you change your business. Allow us to explain the why and how here.  Now, you’re a job board, right – probably wondering how job wrapping can help.  You simply collect and host the local job postings on your board. But how long do you think you can continue doing just that? We’re asking because, whether you plan to change or not, the recruitment industry is definitely changing. Recruiters and employers are witnessing a recruiting season where demand is far higher than the supply. Two things. Introduction of technology in recruitment and the emergence of the world as a global village are largely responsible for the disruption.


Time to change!


Technology in recruitment has made recruiters realize that they must take on the more strategic duties, leaving candidate spotting and acquisition to technology. The idea of a global village, on the other hand, has opened up innumerable sources of recruitment for employers. Accordingly, employers and recruiters are on the lookout for the most niche talent. Now, if a job board plans to continue at its pace and not experiment with its offerings, it’s destined to fall out of the line.


It’s the perfect time for job boards to reconsider their plans and revise their strategies. Employers and recruiters are actively looking out for job boards that can help their load. Neither do they have the bandwidth nor the resources to hunt candidates who meet their stringent requirements. They therefore, need premium job boards who can do whatever it takes to fill vacancies (Read opportunity for monetization here).


Get an extra edge


Job boards have been around for more than two decades now. But in this long span of their business, most job boards have been about just two services:


  1. Job postings
  2. Candidate search


Not only are these offerings quite archaic but also limited in their scope. If posting a job online was all that was required to fish quality candidates, an employer’s career site wasn’t a bad option either. The stakes are higher now. Employers don’t want to sit back and wait passively,  they want results, and they want them fast. Besides, be it recruiters or employers, no one is interested in spending on multiple job boards for different job postings and candidate requirements. Everyone is on the lookout for a single, dynamic platform that can seamlessly integrate multiple features that don’t just help fill the local job postings but:


  • Help employers establish themselves as brands
  • Offer exclusive privileges to premium members
  • Integrate with the recruiter’s Application Tracking System (ATS)


But not many employers and recruiters realize that what they’re looking for is a package called ‘customized job wrapping.


Local job postings, monetization, and customized job wrapping


We’ve talked so much about what employers expect from job boards, today. And if job boards fulfil those expectations, they’d make some good business. But that’s a relatively more passive approach of doing things. We wish to see your job board earn actively! But we understand that you cannot just stop your core business activities and start searching for other ways to make gains. And that’s exactly why we suggest customized job wrapping to you. The process opens up all avenues of income – traditional and innovative – for job boards. Here’s how you can monetize local job postings with customized job wrapping:


Through employers and recruiters


We guess, these two – employers and recruiters – will just continue to be the prime source of income. Customized job wrapping of local job postings, using Propellum, will bring to job boards:


  • Strategically aligned job postings
  • High on quality local job postings
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Customized job posting packages
  • Exclusive and empowering features


Customized job wrapping opens up a seamless experience for employers and recruiters. In fact, these guys have to worry about nothing when it comes to local job postings, if they’re availing a customized job wrapper’s services. And so, they won’t hesitate in paying to associate with a premium job board. Job boards must understand that employers and recruiters are more than willing to pay in proportion to the quality of services being offered.


The icing on the cake would be top-on premium features like:

  • Paid access to job candidate resumes
  • Featured employer profiles
  • Host employer ads
  • Paid access to passive candidate data


Through candidates


There’s a simple logic that works when it comes to this source for monetizing local job postings. Here’s how it goes:

Active candidates are very serious about finding themselves their ‘perfect’ job. These guys have no time to waste and dozens of job boards to grab their attention. A job board must reflect sincerity in its work to keep a candidate hooked for more. And there’s no better way to convince candidates of your sincerity than hosting local job postings that have been carefully curated.


Besides, you can always offer additional premium features like, let’s say, a differential pricing model for job views. This means candidates pay more to view the more coveted and niche jobs and less for the relatively easy to find jobs. Not just that. Giving candidates a chance to make their resumes stand out before employers, can definitely be a huge USP and source for monetization.


Customized job wrapping supports such endeavors. It brings such critical data to you, in such an effortless fashion, that you end up having some free time to contemplate alternative sources of income or business expansion. You end up feeling so confident about your core responsibilities as a job board that you can afford to think about experimenting.


Through search engines


Yes, you read that right! Through search engines. Why go somewhere else, when the income is only a click away? Internet is the new market, and we don’t need to tell you that. You, as a job board, are an exemplar of that yourself. So, why not leverage the same medium when it comes to monetization of local job postings? Search engine marketing demands the least amount of investment and work, while promising handsome returns. But to make the most of this avenue, you need to ensure that your website is ‘ready.’


Customized job wrapping makes your job job board ‘ready’ for search engine marketing. It aggregates, categorizes, and formats your job postings. All of this has a great bearing on the ranking of your website’s quality and content. And ranking is what the whole game of search engine marketing is all about! A high ranking means, more visibility on search results. More visibility means more employers and recruiters noticing you, and hopefully contacting you. And we needn’t explain how it goes ahead once they contact you, right?


Customized job wrapping opens up multiple paths of income for a job board. And it requires a premium job wrapping tool to be able to deliver such customization. Propellum is that premium job wrapping tool for you. The automated SaaS tool gives you the freedom to scale your job board without any cost overheads, involves zero implementation cost, and offers 24×7 dedicated and proactive technical support. So what are you waiting for? Go try the tool now!