Three things Canadian job sites need to stop doing right now!

Three things Canadian job sites need to stop doing right now!

Canada has been a land of opportunities for ages. A committed and professional individual always has opportunities lined up here. The Canadian labor market is steady in the country and surprisingly is seeing growth despite the global financial crunch. And job boards have a significant role in empowering the workforce in the country. They have become the primary source for freshly graduated candidates to hunt for their first job and even for people looking to switch their workplace. Thus, job boards have a huge responsibility on their shoulders to help candidates find the right employer and vice versa.

However, job boards can get a little wayward in fulfilling this responsibility. They might end up making some mistakes unknowingly, which affects not only them but may also affect candidates, employers, and the job market as a whole. Most job boards employ a job wrapping solution to automate their job board and expect their business to run flawlessly. But as you’ll soon find out, just a plain old job wrapper might not prove enough for job boards in Canada. Additionally, job boards tend to exhaust their resources on unimportant tasks or end up inefficiently managing the available resources. Here’s a look at three things Canadian job boards need to stop doing right now if they want to become a leader among job boards.

Using non-premium job wrapping in Canada job boards

A job wrapping scours the internet to find job listings on employers’ websites. Job boards usually employ a regular job wrapper and think it will be enough for their functioning. However, that’s far from reality. A regular job wrapper has its limitations. Non-periodic scouring, inability to fill in missing details and inconsistency in job posting format are some of the limitations of using a regular job wrapper.

A premium job wrapper like Propellum’s Mega Wrap, on the other hand, can periodically scrape employers’ career pages for new job postings. It can automatically fill in the missing details and then post the job vacancy on the job board in a structured format. Partnered employers can even have their job listings in a format according to their preferences.

Giving unequal importance to candidates and recruiters

Job boards need to give equal importance to candidates and recruiters alike. They must stop treating candidates as one-time customers. Candidates must be provided with job recommendations, even if they are employed, to keep bringing them back to their job boards. Job tenures are getting short, passive job searching, and the gig economy is a growing trend among the current generation. Personalized job recommendations can drive substantial traffic to the job board. More candidate traffic means more recruiters will want to employ your job board services for their recruitment needs. More employers will result in more exclusive partnerships with recruiters. This will eventually lead to more revenue and help make your job board the preferred solution for recruiters and candidates alike.

Wasting job data

Job boards are flooded with job data from the recruiters as well as candidates’ end. Job boards need to employ data analytics tools to leverage the abundance of data available to them. Using data analytics, job boards can understand candidates’ and recruiters’ preferences and understand recruitment trends, which can help them make better decisions and ultimately help in the growth of the job board.

Managing a job board can be tough and getting everything right can become a challenging task. You might get so engrossed in setting things right that you might unintentionally end up doing more bad than good. This can result in your job board working inefficiently. Using an automated job wrapping solution like Propellum’s Mega Wrap can help ease the task of managing your job board, and you can focus your energy on other important tasks related to the functioning of the job board as well.