Why job boards need to adopt a data-driven approach

Why job boards need to adopt a data-driven approach

The process of recruitment has transformed substantially since the advent of technology. Gone are the days when candidates used to visit offices with their resumes seeking their dream job. Or businesses using newspapers to advertise their job vacancies. Well, they still do, but employers and candidates are preferring online job boards as their primary source for recruitment purposes. This means job boards are flooded with data not only from candidates but from recruiters too. Job boards, including Canada job posting sites, need to properly utilize the abundance of data they have at their disposal or else they might end up having a lackluster job board and become irrelevant. 

Problems with not optimizing data

Job boards need to utilize data available to them to become an industry leader and become the preferred choice of recruiters and candidates alike. Data regarding job vacancies from the recruiter’s end and personal information from a candidate’s end can act as a gold-mine for job boards. Here are certain problems job boards might encounter if they don’t properly utilize the readily available data:

Slow job updates

Job boards employ a job wrapper to automate their process. The wrapper has to check through hundreds, if not thousands of employers’ websites for job vacancy listings. Even an automated process of job scraping can become a resource-intensive task if the scraping process is vast in scale. The job board can become sluggish and lag if the job wrapper can carry out the task of scraping jobs and posting on the job board efficiently. The job board will update new jobs slowly as well as lag behind in removing the already filled job vacancies from the job board. This can create a lot of confusion and frustration for employers as well as candidates. This will result in driving candidates and employers away from the job board. Real-time updates of jobs will fail, and the job board will always be one step behind the competition instead of it being the other way round.

Job duplication

A job wrapper scrapes for job vacancies from employers’ careers page. It also searches other websites with job listings. It can so happen that an employer posts a single job vacancy at multiple places. An employers’ careers page isn’t the only place where job boards advertise their vacancies. Social media, third party job listing sites, and LinkedIn are some of the other channels used by employers for their recruitment needs. Thus, a single job can get listed multiple times on the job board, if the job board employs a regular job wrapping tool. The wrapper needs to identify and weed out such listings from the job board. There can also be a scenario where the job wrapper might still display the job vacancy even if the position is filled. Job data duplication, too, is a major reason for recruiters and candidates saying sayonara to the job board.

Benefits of data-driven approach for Canada job posting sites

It is evident that job boards must efficiently analyze and utilize the data available to them. Proper utilization of data can help in efficiently managing job boards. Canadian job posting sites can reap the following benefits of efficient job data utilization:

Stay ahead of the competition

The job board is updated with the latest vacancy with premium recruitment tools such as Propellum’s Mega Wrap and Easy Post. These tools streamline the job scraping and posting process by automating them. Job boards need not employ extra resources if they use premium recruitment tools. The job board will always be organized and structured with the latest vacancies. This helps attract a swarm of job seekers and job providers alike. Job boards can even land an exclusive partnership with recruiters thronging candidates to apply for jobs in these partnered businesses. Thus, the job board will always be a step ahead of competitors.

Have quality postings

Adopting a data-driven approach can result in the job board having high-quality job postings. A premium job wrapper can gather job data from the recruiters’ website. If there are any details missing in the job listing, it can automatically fill in the missing details. Thus, the job board will have complete information about every job posted on the job board. The jobs can even be structured in a format that resonates with the recruiters’ profile. Candidates and recruiters prefer a well-organized job board with complete information. Propellum’s premium recruitment tools can help achieve that.

Tools for incorporating a data-driven approach

Job boards can leverage the following tools to adopt a data-driven approach. These tools meet the requirements of the recruiters and candidates alike, providing for a pleasant experience. These tools include:

Premium job wrapping

A premium job wrapping tool like Propellum’s Mega Wrap can automatically search for employers’ websites for new jobs. It can even fill in the missing details in job listings. The job vacancies are then posted in a consistent format on the job board. The premium wrapper is not only able to scrape for Canada’s local job postings but can also scour and post international jobs. The wrapper can even remove job postings that have been filled. Thus, the entire process of job scraping and posting becomes automated and hassle-free with a premium job wrapping tool.

Automated job postings

Premium job posting tools like Easy Post can automatically post jobs on the job board scoured by job wrapper. It can organize the job listings in a structured manner according to the candidate’s preference. Thus, candidates will always find jobs relevant to their qualifications and preferences on the job board. As a result, they will be more likely to visit the job board for their recruitment needs.

Niche sections

Job boards can create niche sections to target specific audiences. Creating niche sections helps job boards attract candidates that are looking for specific workplaces or workplaces that support diversity. For example, job boards can create sections for people from the LGBTQ community, workplaces with gender equality, businesses providing equal pay, irrespective of the color or sex of the person. Job boards can acquire this data from the recruiters as well as candidates and use it to target specific audiences.

Data analytics

Job boards can employ data analytics tools to get a report of current trends in the recruiting world. With data analytics, job boards can get a clear picture of what kind of jobs candidates are looking for, the packages offered by businesses for certain positions, the supply and demand of jobs, etc. Furthermore, by analyzing the data of click-through rate for recommendations, job boards can better target candidates with job suggestions. Similarly, a data-driven Applicant Tracking System (ATS), can help recruiters better manage the hundreds of CVs they receive on a daily basis. Businesses can evaluate, react, and interpret real-time data with smarter data analytics tools for ATS.

In today’s technological day and age, data is the king. Job boards can leverage data to provide a seamless recruitment solution for recruiters and candidates alike. Premium data-centric recruitment tools such as Propellum’s Mega Wrap and Easy Post can help build a reliable job board. The job board can attract a hoard of candidates and recruiters. The biggest recruiters and the job-seeking workforce will have to look no further than your job board. The Canada job posting sites will not be restricted to Canada’s local job postings but can become a worldwide job board leader by adopting and sticking to a data-driven approach.