Empowering the millennial workforce in Canada

Empowering the millennial workforce in Canada

Gen Y — the generation of non-conformists. They are the rule benders — they do things according to their liking and bend and even break conventional rules. This is true in every aspect, even when it comes to job hunting and professional conduct. Millennials are choosing a career based on their passion and likings, and consider job satisfaction as their topmost priority. The methods of job searching, too, have changed with the huge influx of technology in their daily lives.

When it comes to Canada, millennials represent about 7.3 million people, making them the largest age group. This opens up a huge opportunity for Canadian job boards and Canada job search engines to become the source of job opportunities for the largest section of the workforce. As discussed above, the millennial workforce is looking for unconventional jobs, prioritizing job satisfaction, willing to get paid less but wanting a satisfying professional life, wanting to quit their job for better opportunities frequently, and bringing in the gig economy culture. Job boards, thus, need to adapt to provide job seekers the requisite opportunities and connections with employers. And this tech-savvy generation can’t be fooled by just a simple, traditional job board framework. Job boards need advanced recruitment tools to satisfy the job search thirst of millennials. Here’s how Canadian job boards and Canada job search engines can adapt to millennials’ requirements.

Tools Canada job search engines can employ for millennials recruitment needs

Canadian job boards and search engines can use recruitment automation tools to automate the recruitment process for job seekers. They can even have niche sections on their job boards for individuals in search of specific workplaces, or they can use tools such as resume builders to help first-time job seekers. Some of the ways job boards can empower the millennial workforce are:

Job automation tools

Job automation tools indirectly help job seekers. They primarily help in streamlining the recruitment processes for job boards. A well organized and well-functioning job board can benefit thousands of candidates and help them find job opportunities. An automation tool such as a job wrapper can scour thousands of employers’ websites and scrape jobs from their career pages. Thus, the job board will always be populated with thousands of jobs spanning hundreds of industries. Candidates having diverse career choices will find numerous employment opportunities, no matter their employment choice. Job boards can even have local job postings on their website to help candidates find jobs in their vicinity. A job aggregator API in Canada can help candidates find jobs in specific areas such as Edmonton or Toronto. Propellum’s premium recruitment tools such as Mega Wrap can streamline the recruitment process for job boards, gathering thousands of jobs from hundreds of websites so that millions of candidates can always find new job postings on the website.

Additionally, recruitment automation tools can send email and SMS updates periodically to candidates. These notifications will be customized depending on the job data of the candidate, such as the job search history, salary package, location, etc. The probability of candidates checking out new jobs increases, if they are provided custom job recommendations and ultimately increases their chances of getting employed. Millennials are connected to the internet round the clock. They spend more time online than on anything else. Job boards can capitalize on this and keep sending regular job updates to keep candidates involved in their job board ecosystem.

Niche sections

The millennials are an impatient bunch. They want things according to their choice, and they want it done in the shortest possible time. When it comes to job hunting, they want to focus on specific jobs and not just apply randomly to every job that’s available there. And when they do look for specific jobs, they want all the information they need in one place. The salary, the work atmosphere, the work timings, etc. are a few of the parameters candidates go through thoroughly before applying for a job. Job boards can create niche sections on their website to attract such candidates. The sections can sort, arrange, and display jobs according to the various parameters mentioned above. With just one click, candidates will be able to browse through hundreds of jobs targeting specific criteria.

Also, diverse workplaces are becoming common. People of various gender, ethnicities, etc. work under a roof without being judgemental towards one another. Job boards can help individuals find workplaces according to their preferences. Flexible workplaces, openness, inclusivity, pay parity are some of the parameters millennials search for while looking for a job. Job boards can help job seekers to find the right workplace. Thus, the job board can act as a bridge between the candidate and their dream workplace and work opportunity.

Customized job updates

Millennials want everything unique to their taste and highly customized. It’s the same with jobs. Millennials want a job where they feel special and that their job profile and work is unique to them. Job boards, too, can capitalize on this trait of millennials and provide them customized job updates. Job boards can match job data with individual profiles. They can get an overview of a candidate’s academic results, their choice of occupation, the kind of jobs the candidate is looking for, and the salary the candidate desires. With the help of this data, job boards can provide customized job updates tailored for each candidate.

Resume and portfolio builder

The millennials are switching jobs and career fields altogether, within months. Once they feel that they don’t see professional growth in their current organization, they aren’t hesitant to switch to a new workplace. Similarly, a huge section of the Gen-Y believes in working as a freelancer. For this, candidates need an eye-catchy resume and portfolio that can grab the attention of job providers. Job boards can provide resume and portfolio building services to candidates. These resumes can be tailored according to the job seeker based on his job profile, the type of job he is seeking, and add a dash of personal touch to it. A candidate can even have multiple resumes varying in tone, style, and format depending upon the job vacancy he is applying to. Since millennials keep changing their professional field, having multiple resumes can help candidates to apply in various industries and not have the standard resume everywhere.

Similarly, job boards can help freelancers create portfolios. With the gig-economy trend in fashion, most people don’t want to work full-time. They want to experiment with multiple projects. Content writers, photographers, graphic designers, and stylists usually prefer working as a freelancer. They can work at a time convenient to them. To find new work opportunities, freelancers need an exciting portfolio. A portfolio matcher can help freelancers find job opportunities. The candidate does not need to go to the employer; rather, the recruiter can easily connect with the candidate. Recruiters can browse through the candidate’s portfolio right from his profile on the job board.

Millennials aren’t from a different planet. However, their professional aspirations are vastly different from previous generations. Job boards, too, need to keep the difference of mindsets in their thought and adapt accordingly. Incorporating the above-mentioned tools can help job boards and Canada job search engines to empower the Gen-Y and contribute significantly to their professional growth.