Why a premium job aggregator is the best investment a job board can make

Why a premium job aggregator is the best investment a job board can make

The nexus between a job aggregator and a job board’s success is an interesting narrative, full of intricacies. To explore the connection completely, hear the narrative out.

The job market is buzzing with the good news. The unemployment rates are at an all-time low. Wages are rising too. To put things straight – people are happy with their jobs and luring them to leave is becoming challenging. The good news is therefore, making life not so easy for recruiters and employers. These guys are struggling to find the right match for an opening in their organization. Ian Siegel, the co-founder of ZipRecruiter, says,

 “It’s sort of a perfect storm of workers who are satisfied in their current jobs, creating a dearth of talent in the labor market that’s looking for new work”

However, no matter how difficult the job market may be for recruiters, they can never compromise on the quality of their recruits. This means recruiters and employers will not hire anyone simply because they’re easily available for a role. Recruiters will take a candidate through all the various levels of screening, without any compromise. Organizations do realize the pain of being unable to fill a vacancy. However, they’re also not unaware of the repercussions of recruiting a misfit.


Why the role of job boards is changing


So, the current situation is this – candidates are difficult to find, and recruiters want nothing short of an ideal candidate. As a result, recruiters and employers are looking up to job boards with high expectations. This obviously means that the role of a job board is no more confined to random duplication of local job postings on the job portal. Employers and recruiters demand quick results.

It’s not just recruitment but also employer branding that’s becoming a job board’s prerogative. Job boards must curate, format, and present job postings in a way that attracts candidates to apply. Recruiters wish to get involved only after a pool of talented candidates is ready for their perusal. No recruiter has the time to work out a strategy for the job boards. Job boards need to do that for themselves! They have to understand the:


  • Employer requirements,
  • Candidate’s behavior,
  • Industry trends, and the
  • Job market patterns


How a job aggregator can help


A job aggregator brings all the necessary information to your job board. Period. Job aggregators are fuelled with robust algorithms. These algorithms help job aggregators to pervade through the remotest of employer sites and online classifieds. We know that the present times are witnessing a war for talent. With a sharp rise in globalization, companies located in different parts of the world are competing for a niche talent pool.

A job aggregator helps overcome geographical barriers. It supplies you with job postings from around the world in matter of a few seconds. Job boards can simply invest in a job aggregator and save the pain of gathering vacancies from different parts of the world. The need for various employees and systems can be substituted with a single job aggregator. Now, isn’t that a great bargain?


How you can start using a job crawler


We understand that you’re curious by now to know how you can start using a job aggregator for your job board. Well, there are quite a few ways to do that:

  1. You can develop an in-house team of experts. The team can utilize some open-source technologies and build upon them your very own in-house job aggregator
  2. You can go ahead and buy an off-the-shelf tool and ask a team to use it to aggregate job postings for you
  3. Or you could simply outsource all your job aggregation needs to an external service provider like Propellum


Why a premium job aggregator like Propellum is the best investment


We’ve given you all the possible options for availing job aggregation, above. The choice is any day yours. But we’re here to guide. The first option requires a dedicated team to continuously monitor job aggregation. As the number of the employer sites you target grows, scalability will become a huge bottleneck. This option works well, but only if a job board is willing to make job aggregation a primary concern rather than a supplementary service.

On the other hand, the option of going for an off-the-shelf can help save time and resources. But, a ready to use aggregation tool will severely lack customization. So, in case of a technical glitch or an update in technology, you can expect little to no control over fixes.


Outsourcing Job Aggregation


Now, coming to the option of outsourcing job aggregation to an external service provider. This option is the best one for those job boards that demand:

  • Ability to focus on core business issues only
  • Freedom to connect with as many employer sites as they wish
  • Flexibility to scale up or scale down its operations
  • Access to state-of-the-art job aggregation technology at all times
  • Seamless integration with existing job board infrastructure
  • Customization that ensures all job feeds are consistent with the job board’s format


Only a premium job aggregator can fulfill these demands for you. Premium job aggregators like Propellum are built with a select audience of boards in mind. Such aggregators are meant for job boards that are ambitious and goal-driven. They understand and care about your business.


Holistic solutions for Job Boards

Propellum, for instance, is not just an ordinary aggregation service provider. The tool thinks big picture and offers end-to-end solutions for your job board. It understands that an independent job aggregator will not be able to deliver your requirements by working in silos. It, therefore, offers a holistic solution for job boards, which includes:


It isn’t for nothing that Propellum’s been a leader in the space of job aggregation and job data automation. Rock-solid technology, round-the-clock customer service, and a committed team of domain experts make Propellum a true star! The tool has been designed to:

  • Automate job postings
  • Categorize jobs to appropriate functions
  • Automate data validation process
  • Process millions of jobs each day
  • Aggregate jobs directly from corporate career sites
  • Maximize candidate experience on the job board


While Propellum does so many things for your job, the process it adopts is fairly simple. The tool doesn’t expect you to sit down and brainstorm with the Propellum team. We keep you away from any such hassle. You simply tell us your requirements and leave the rest unto us. Propellum ensures hassle-free integration of all our services, including job aggregation; to get you the latest job feeds. Clean, structured, and continuous job feeds follow immediately after integration.


So, if you’re in the process of deciding where you should invest to expect maximum returns, you have the answer now – in a premium job aggregator. To accelerate and automate the on-boarding of jobs from all possible employer sites, invest in Propellum. With zero cost for implementation, no overheads, and compatibility with all major recruitment technologies and ATSs, there’s no better place to spend your money when you have Propellum.