How job boards can meet high employment demands in a vaccination season

How job boards can meet high employment demands in a vaccination season

As we know, unemployment levels had peaked globally in the early months of the coronavirus pandemic. In Canada, up to 213,000 jobs have been lost due to renewed movement restrictions. The unemployment rate of 9.4% recorded in February 2021 is an all-time high figure in the country. Therefore, a surge in vaccinations across the country feels like a ray of light at the end of a grim tunnel. It is estimated that by this September, most people in Canada may be inoculated. If that target is achieved, the number of out-of-job individuals actively seeking employment opportunities will increase. Job aggregator sites in Canada and main employment websites like Job bank Canada will be under pressure to deal with the enhanced demands. To meet such requirements, job sites can adopt the following measures:

Automating scaling processes

In the earlier days, the transfer of open job vacancies from a recruiting company’s website onto job boards was done manually by filling out a few online forms. Even today, many job boards use outdated methods to enlist vacancies on their online platforms. With some investment, the scaling process can be improved by automation. Job automation experts use a host of techniques to display a higher number of open vacancies on job sites. In addition to the increased number, the postings are also customized to suit specific sector requirements. Job aggregator sites in Canada with advanced automation can be the primary drivers of reducing unemployment rates across the board.

Improving job scraping methods

Job scraping is the process of using web crawlers to take open vacancies from organizations to enlist them onto renowned employment websites such as Job bank Canada. Job boards must enhance their IT infrastructure to keep up with the high employment demands once vaccination drives across Canada are ramped up. Alternatively, job sites can entrust automation agencies to handle the scaling process for them. One way or another, it is necessary that the scaping process is carried out daily.

Testing methods before increasing postings

Job boards must set realistic targets before increasing the number of postings on their site. To understand how they can increase vacancy listings gradually, job sites must start with a smaller number of postings. Once they gauge how job seekers respond to these initial listings, they can make clear plans to increase postings for the sectors in which employment requirements are the highest. The lessons from this phase can shape job boards’ strategies to cope with rising employment demands.

Once the vaccinations are in full flow, there will be many people flocking to job sites for employment. As mentioned earlier, job automation can allow job boards in Canada to boost the number of employment opportunities for such individuals. Propellum’s advanced job wrapping and customized posting services can be useful for job sites during the vaccination season. Propellum already provides automation assistance to several reputed job sites such as, LinkedIn, and Experteer. Please contact us to know more about our services.