Reacting to mass unemployment in the UK with effective job automation

Reacting to mass unemployment in the UK with effective job automation

Job losses in the UK over the past year have increased manifold. The UK labor market is in a need to create several employment opportunities for those who have lost their jobs. Furloughed employees await certainty about the status of their livelihoods too. Online job automation solutions can enable job boards to help find newly created open jobs as well as those for laid-off individuals. Here are a few suggestions to mitigate the mass unemployment crisis:


Bulk job postings on job boards

As unemployment levels rise, so does the pressure on the UK labor market to provide jobs. During such a phase, job boards need to update their websites to meet huge employment demands continuously. The boards need to attain quality jobs from recruiters to improve the unemployment situation.


We at Propellum help job boards with our AI-enabled job tracking services. Propellum’s Megawrap service facilitates the posting of many jobs with our aggregation software. Megawrap uses a unique job parser technology to boost the scraping of more than a thousand jobs at a time before posting them on the boards in required formats.


Intelligent job crawling services

Job crawlers are pre-programmed algorithms that locate employment vacancies across the online spectrum. To stay relevant in the recruitment industry, job boards need to keep publishing information about new job vacancies daily. Having the foundation of a strong job crawler service ensures that the daily process of job scraping, web crawling, and posting is automated, leaving job boards with fewer costs and more scaling opportunities.


The relentless employment requirements, especially in bustling megacities like London, can be overwhelming for job boards. Propellum’s advanced crawling algorithms can help job sites to keep pace with the requirements of recruitment companies in London.


Rapid job scraping and posting

Job scraping is the process of relentlessly finding open job vacancies in companies looking to add to their personnel. In the recruitment market in London and other parts of the UK, job boards can rely on experts who can guide them through the process of executing bulk job postings and carrying out the exercise frequently (about three to four times daily).


Propellum’s advanced job posting services can regularly transfer jobs to job sites while ensuring that they are in the desired formats. Our online job posting software maintains the jobs’ requisite quality while posting them on the job boards.


Clear communication between all the parties

Individuals who are out of a job desperately seek newer employment avenues. Meanwhile, companies need to keep updating their personnel to grow at a steady rate even during the economic downturn. Therefore, communication between applicants and recruiters has to be consistently clear. Without any over-the-top fancy wordplay, companies must convey information about open vacancies to job sites. Job seekers, on the other hand, must be alert regarding new employment opportunities popping up online.


We at Propellum can help job boards fulfill the massive job market demand through our intelligent job aggregation and posting systems. You can contact us to know more about our services.