Deploy Propellum’s automated job feed for structured job data posting

Deploy Propellum’s automated job feed for structured job data posting

At any given point in time, there are thousands, if not millions, of job applicants looking for employment opportunities on your job board. Therefore, frequent scaling in your structured data job posting is necessary to meet the requisite demand for open vacancies. As the applicants may be from vastly different personal and professional backgrounds, a high level of customization in your jobsfeed is a priority. To meet these two requirements, and to grow as a job board, you need structured data job posting and job automation services of the highest quality. This is where Propellum’s automated job feed can make a difference for your job site.

Propellum’s job posting feature handles the task of transferring jobs from various career sites to your job board in whichever format you want. The jobs in your jobsfeed are customized in terms of occupational background, languages and regional proximity. Here are some of the ways in which our automated job feed feature makes platform data more diverse and qualitative.

Scaling operations with automated job feed

Our automated job feed and other job advertising solutions use our API solutions to maintain the quality of your user interface even as your job posting numbers grow rapidly. In addition to this, the quality and customization levels of our job posts will make your job site a reliable destination for job seekers. Our job automation tech allows you to wrap massive numbers of job postings per month. The scaling-up process includes wrapping a large number of companies on a regular basis. In addition to simply scraping and job posting structured data on your site, we also perform quality analysis and audits to ensure that the jobs posted on your site are credible and highly sought after.

Normally, you require a large team of employees to scale up your jobsfeed-related operations. Propellum’s automated job feed removes the need to maintain a 20-something group of recruitment officers by acting as a digital arm that assists you in your job board operations.

Maintaining customization in job posts

Propellum’s unique automated job feed feature allows you to create customized jobsfeed and structured data job posting for your clients. So, a person living in, say, New Jersey, would find more job posts near his geographical location when they visit your job site looking for employment. Additionally, the language barrier is not a restriction for your job site, as the applicants visiting it can view the job posting structured data, and use the information in their native language to find greater clarity in their job-hunting process.

There are several other benefits of choosing Propellum’s automated job feed service to scale your job site. Additionally, the features listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall value our job automation service adds to your jobsfeed.

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