Are you making these mistakes with your job board?

Are you making these mistakes with your job board?

A few years back, all job boards had to do was post all kinds of jobs on their sites indiscriminately. The idea behind this was that when a job seeker visits the job board, there must be a lot of jobs displayed. The relevance and the current status of the job didn’t matter. Irrelevant job posts caused the poor experience of a job seeker. Although the services provided by job boards were poor, they were tolerated. 

But now, with the use of advanced technologies, the services provided to job seekers have improved. The improved services have simultaneously raised the job seekers’ expectations from job boards. Also, the employment rate according to the job data in USA is at an all-time high. Now, job seekers have more options than ever before. As a result, they demand a flawless job search experience, which can be done with the help of job data enrichment. And the businesses who make the mistake of not meeting job seekers’ demands pay the price by becoming uncompetitive and irrelevant. Hence, it is important to avoid such mistakes, the biggest of which are as follows: 

Mistakes made by job boards

Nowadays, many job boards post jobs that take the user to the employer’s website. Job seekers are redirected to the entire career page instead of the specific job that they want to apply. After being redirected to the employer website, job seekers again have to filter out the jobs to find the job they choose. Such job posts can irritate job seekers. To provide an enhanced experience, job boards should avoid making such mistakes. Similarly following are a few easily avoidable mistakes job boards make:

Considering job seekers as one time customers

Most of the job boards view job seekers as one-time customers. Job boards think that after finding employment, job seekers don’t need to go back to the job posting sites that got them the job. But, that does not mean job boards cannot retain job seekers. The best job boards understand the importance of retaining a user. Job boards can retain job seekers by providing them with additional valuable services. Providing users a convenient job search experience can ensure that users keep coming back to their job board even after getting a job. Highly skilled employees always search for better employment opportunities. They may seek higher pay, preferred location, and a more challenging role among many others. Using a premium job crawling solution can ensure that your job board has the most recent and comprehensive collection of available jobs. Additionally, it will assure that the job seeker is retained and will continue to use the job board throughout their career.

Valuing quantity over quality

To reach the maximum number of job seekers, job boards end up choosing quantity over quality. They add extra irrelevant keywords to their job data, only to show the job in more search results. Using wrong keywords may increase the search engine performance of a job board, but reduces the quality of the jobs provided. Also, wrong keywords mean wrong candidates are applying for the position. Such deceitful tactics will make users annoyed, and it will also create a bad impression on the recruiters. The job boards should ensure that they put the right keywords and tags in place to increase the credibility of the job board. However, putting keywords and tags in the right place is a lengthy and unpleasant manual process. Job boards need a sophisticated job data automation tool like Propellum to leverage the benefits of both quantity and quality.

Not giving importance to data optimization

Without automated solutions, job boards have to collect the outrageous amount of job data manually. The job data contains many parameters, including the company’s name, job title, and location among the others. Unoptimized job data may lead to slow updates of jobs on job boards. It may take a lot of time to manually classify the unoptimized job data according to the job title and location. A delay in classifying jobs will cause slow updates of newly available jobs on the job board.

Ignoring job data enrichment

In today’s world, data is the key to success in many businesses, and so is the case with job boards. Data is what makes the difference between a successful and non-successful job board. Job data enrichment improves both task efficiency and job seeker satisfaction. Job data enrichment can provide a more personalized job search for a user, thereby enhancing the overall experience of the job seeker. Hence, job data enrichment should be given importance.

But, finding enriched job data is not at all easy. There are many sources to obtain job data. But, most of these sources provide unreliable data. However, fetching data from the employer’s website eliminates the problem of unreliability. To get job data, you need to browse the websites of companies every day to make sure you have the latest available jobs. Besides getting the appropriate job data, entering it in the job board is a more significant challenge. Propellum provides job crawling solutions that can fetch more accurate, and comprehensive job data, and also the newest job postings available on the employer’s website.

How a premium job wrapping solution can help in job data enrichment

Enriching job data with job wrapping solutions like propellum will enable you to meet the needs and requirements of recruiters as well as job seekers. Job wrapping solutions can carry out processes like job crawling, job aggregation, job categorization, and job posting automation to optimize and deliver top-notch job data. Job crawling will help eliminate old jobs where vacancies are filled out and add new jobs. The collected job data will then be categorized by job categorization algorithms based on various parameters like job title, location, and experience required. Job posting automation tools then post the categorized jobs in a pre-formatted manner on your job board. The above processes will eventually make the job search process a flawless one.

Using automated technologies to handle job data has become very important for job boards. Propellum provides job data posting services that can revolutionize the way job boards connect with employers and job seekers. We offer premium solutions that look after end-to-end needs of job boards. And that’s not all; Propellum provides 24×7 service to its clients to make sure that their job board operation goes on without any hassle. Propellum delivers customized services to all the job boards according to their needs. The services provided are compatible with almost all of the technologies and ATSs. As job boards are trying to exceed each other in the competition, your job board can stand out by incorporating the services of Propellum.