How having an automated job feed can increase job board revenue

How having an automated job feed can increase job board revenue

Every business in every sector is ultimately driven by its bottom line. Your financial earnings show your strength and position in the market. Whether you are a leader or a follower is determined based on how much you earn compared to your competitors. This rule applies to the job board market too. Job boards have two customers — job providers with job seekers. And both these parties contribute to the earnings of the job board.

Primarily, having a large employer base can significantly boost your revenue as employers are the major source of income for job boards. Other income sources include ads from third party sources, premium charges for job seekers for advanced services. Such sources of income can prove significant only if you already have a large number of employers using your job board. This can be achieved by streamlining the recruitment process for your employers with the help of recruitment automation software on your job board. Doing so can eventually lead to multiple employers using your job board services. It can even get you exclusive partnerships with big employers. Such partnerships can significantly boost the revenue for your job board and affirm your stronghold on the job board market. And all of this can be made possible by employing automation software in your job board for job aggregation and posting.

The role of recruitment automation software in simplifying the recruitment process

The most commonly used recruitment automation software by job boards is a job scraper or a job wrapper, each with its unique features and functionality. Some of the benefits of employing these recruitment automation tools are mentioned below:

Job scraper

A job scraper automatically scrapes jobs from the internet or employers’ websites. The tool eliminates the need for employers to update the job board with new job vacancies. The crawler can be programmed to automatically scrape the careers page from employers’ websites for new job postings at regular intervals. Thus, the employer can be assured that the job vacancy information reaches potential candidates quickly, and the position gets filled in a short time. Thus, more employers would employ your services as their recruitment process will be fast-tracked thanks to job scraping services, increasing your earning prospects.

Job wrapping

A job wrapping tool collects the job data automatically and posts it on the job board in an organized manner. The structure and format of the job listing are maintained to match high quality standards. A premium job wrapping tool like Propellum’s MegaWrap comes with additional features that provide extra benefits over conventional job wrapping tools. Some of the features include:

  • Compatibility with multiple formats
  • Customization
  • Multilingual support
  • Automated job data feed services

With Propellum’s MegaWrap, employers can be assured that their job listing is customized according to their requirements. This can help attract other employers who want to employ a job board service while maintaining their job listing preferences.

Having a recruitment automation software can help attract a large set of employers as their primary goal of simplifying the recruitment process is achieved with such tools. Premium automation software such as Propellum’s job scraper and job wrapper can boost your visibility among businesses. Recruitment automation tools eliminate the need for manually updating jobs on the job board. This helps save time and human resources, making the recruitment process much more simplified for employers. Naturally, employers prefer such simplified services as they can focus their attention on other tasks. A large number of employers may employ your services for the ease the automation software brings. As a result, you can expect an increase in the earnings for your job boards through contracts and exclusive employer partnerships.