Recruiters are looking for skills, not degrees: How job boards can help

Recruiters are looking for skills, not degrees: How job boards can help

Recruiters are now looking for skills in candidates and not just degrees. And that’s because of the increasing skills gap. According to a study, 64% of surveyed HR leaders there is a skills gap in their company, up from 52% in the 2018 report. The reason behind the increasing skills gap is the pace of technological advancements, such as the emergence of job automation software. Educational institutions cannot provide all the relevant skills required by students to keep up with the technological advancements. And hence to bridge the skills gap, recruiters have started hiring candidates based on their relevant skills. The trend of hiring based on skills and not degrees has been started by giant companies like IBM and LinkedIn. IBM’s CEO, Ginni Rometty, says, “What matters most is relevant skills.” And, LinkedIn’s CEO, Jeff Weiner, has been pushing a similar kind of message. All large and small enterprises are now following the same trend of hiring.

How job boards can help recruiters find skilled candidates

There is a vast talent pool available to recruiters as several people are out there looking for a job or a change in employment. Hence, it becomes challenging for recruiters to find adequately skilled candidates in the massive pool of talent. In such circumstances,  job boards can help employers to save the time spent on hiring by filtering in skilled candidates based on their needs from the entire pool. Job boards can conduct tests for various soft and technical skills based on the job description. They can also create a resume database. And then, job boards can help recruiters to categorize based on the skills mentioned on their resumes. This will filter out candidates who don’t have the relevant skills. And it will also help recruiters to reach skilled candidates according to their needs proactively.

How job boards can help candidates to improve their skills

Micro-credentials are among the best ways to acquire new skills. Job boards can help candidates to learn new skills required for a specific kind of job they want to apply for. Job boards can collaborate or partner with micro-credential providers. And then, they can link the skills mentioned on job posts with micro-credential providers’ sites. Job seekers can apply for any skills they need to acquire directly from a job post. This will also help recruiters as they will find a reliable source of information about all micro-credentials a candidate has completed through the job board.

Why job boards need job automation software

To assist recruiters and job seekers through all the ways mentioned above would require them to invest extra resources. For instance, they will have to invest more money in creating and managing a resume database. And they will need to put in extra time to find micro-credential learning providers who can provide different skills. And that’s where a job automation software can come in handy. Job automation software will help job boards to automate their core processes like providing reliable job postings and crawling websites to find new job openings. This will allow them to focus more on assisting recruiters in hiring skilled candidates. The best job board software includes premium services like Propellum’s Megawrap and Job Crawling services that can automate all such processes and simplify the daily operations of a job board.