Job posting software 101: understanding how the best job boards work

Job posting software 101: understanding how the best job boards work

Imagine you walk into a restaurant. The restaurant has nice architecture, and the waiters are neatly dressed and courteous. You settle down at a nice table. The waiter comes and hands you the menu. You open it but are flabbergasted the moment you start going through it. The menu has incomplete information. Some of the dishes have incomplete descriptions, whereas some have their price missing, and some are displayed under the wrong section. Will it be a pleasing experience? Definitely not. You’d leave the restaurant ASAP. You won’t even order a dish, even if the restaurant is quite famous for its succulent dishes. And probably, you’d vow never to visit the restaurant again, nor would you recommend it to your friends and family. 

Similarly, with job boards, if your job feed has the same issues such as the menu card mentioned above (incomplete job descriptions, wrong categorization of jobs, and a UI that’s difficult to navigate), chances are that individuals would probably bounce off your job board and switch to your competitors’ job board. Even if your job board has a high volume of job postings, it won’t matter. Employers and candidates visiting your job board will be bemused with the job postings and will most likely never visit it again. So how can your job board have the job feed displayed in a consistent, structured, and categorized manner? How can it draw recruiters and candidates in high volumes? Well, the answer lies in implementing recruitment tools such as a job posting software.

What is job posting software?

Now, you might be wondering what job posting software exactly refers to. Even though it sounds self-explanatory, let us break it down for you in the simplest words. A job posting software is a software tool that can automatically post job listings from the careers page of employers’ websites on your job board feed. 

How does job posting software work?

Before a job posting software can get to work, it needs the help of other online recruitment tools. “What other tools?”, you may ask. Well, tools that can first fetch job listings from various websites and collate them. We are talking about job scrapers. As mentioned above, these tools periodically scan the internet and fetch jobs from the career pages of multiple employers. The job posting software then posts the jobs collected by these tools on the job board. The job board can be periodically updated with new jobs with an automated job scheduler or can be programmed to be updated with new jobs as soon as the scraper and wrapper fetch them from the employers’ sites.

Why is job posting software important?

Well, you might be wondering that job posting software has a basic task. It simply posts job listings on the job board feed. So why should you use it for your job board? Well, the true value of job posting software can only be realized by analyzing and understanding the benefits it brings to the job board and the difference it can make to the job board feed. Whether you’re a job board services provider, a recruiter, or a candidate, job posting software is beneficial for all. These benefits are discussed in detail below.

For job boards

Job posting software provides automatic updation of job feed with new jobs for the job board. It eliminates the need for human processes, which are mostly inefficient and sometimes inaccurate when compared to automated solutions. Jobs from multiple sources are listed on the job board and thus can help attract candidates from diverse fields. The software posts the jobs in a consistent and structured way, making it easy for whosoever is visiting the job board to navigate through the feed. Thus, whether you’re a candidate or an employer or just a random individual who has a lot of spare time, the job board experience will be the same, i.e., the job listings will be shown in a simple, consistent, and structured manner. Job boards, however, need to implement premium job posting service such as the one offered by Propellum over standard job postings solutions.

Some of the added benefits of premium posting software include:

  • Compatibility with any recruitment technology
  • Integration with ATS and other recruitment systems
  • Customization
  • Secure FTP server uploads
  • 24×7 customer support

For recruiters

Recruiters can attract candidates to their job listings by providing them complete information about jobs. Thus, their vacancies will be filled quickly and with the right candidate. Even if recruiters do miss out on certain details in a job listing, premium job posting software can intelligently add the missing data and categorize the job in the appropriate segment. Partnered businesses can even add the company’s flavor and work culture to the job listing. The listing can be shown in a customized manner that matches the identity of the organization. This can also serve as a great marketing tool and helps boost the branding of the organization. And improved transparency with complete job postings also helps increase trust among candidates, and organizations can, therefore, expect a large number of candidates applying for jobs in their organization. The organization will have maximum exposure to candidates and will easily find the right candidates.

For candidates

Candidates are able to easily and quickly apply to jobs on job boards that have an easy-to-understand and categorized job feed. This becomes much more important in times like these (a global pandemic). Doctors, nurses, medical staff, first responders, and many other individuals that work in the essential services sector can quickly apply to vacant job positions. Job boards can create dedicated niche sections for workers from these sectors so that individuals can easily find the desired job listings. Additionally, premium job posting software can also shorten the time spent in job applications by removing duplicate job listings. For example, most organizations post their job listings on multiple platforms and websites. 

A job scraper gathers all the job listings available to it. However, the same posting displayed on multiple sources is treated as a unique post and can be posted multiple times on the job board. This can add to the confusion of candidates, as well as recruiters, and make the hiring process time-consuming. However, with premium recruitment tools such as premium job wrappers and premium job postings software, such instances of duplication can be automatically recognized, and duplicate instances are neglected. Additionally, candidates can also easily compare jobs from multiple organizations with the help of premium job posting solutions. Thus, they can make better-informed decisions regarding their professional life.

They say that the first impression is the last impression. So, irrespective of whether a candidate or an employer is visiting your job board, they should have a pleasing and lasting impression. And with organized job feed, possible with a job posting software, you can be guaranteed that they surely will. This can attract a high volume of employers to your job board and turn them into potential clients for their job posting needs. Similarly, candidates will prefer to use your job board for their job hunt. Thus, as a job board, you should consider using premium job posting software. And if you do plan on using one, you can pair it with other recruitment automation solutions like job wrapper for added benefits. Your job board will be one of the best job boards in the market with job posting software and other recruitment tools.