How job boards can respond to a bad economy

How job boards can respond to a bad economy

Ever so often, when things seem to go well and the business landscape seems to be stable, a bad economy rears its ugly head. Be it the Great Depression of the 1930s, the economic slowdown of 2008, or the current crisis brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. While the demand for goods as well as workers has decreased in these situations, certain sectors have remained unaffected or even prospered. For instance, the current Covid-19 situation has, in fact, increased the demand for healthcare workers. Thus, regardless of the condition of the economy, job markets are always open. Job postings are always up on employers’ websites and people have found employment in such adverse situations too. A bad economic situation can thus turn into an opportunity for job posting sites such as job boards.

Why the current scenario may be a blessing in disguise for job boards

As mentioned before, the current pandemic has led to an increase in demand for certain sectors such as healthcare. Doctors, nurses, and sanitation workers are needed more than before. Similarly, bloggers and news reporters providing accurate information are high in demand. Also, with most cities under lock downs, individuals are utilizing this time productively. They are updating their resumes, looking for home-based jobs, or learning new skills that can help them in their career.

Additionally, certain jobs are recession-proof. Doctors, teachers, lawyers, financial advisors, and public utility workers are not heavily affected by a bad economic situation. Job boards can help such professionals find employment opportunities even in drastic situations.

How job boards can respond to a bad economy with job postings

The demand for jobs slows down but never comes to a complete stop during harsh economic phases. Job boards can utilize this period to connect employers with candidates in the following ways:

Scraping jobs from multiple websites

In such difficult times, every employment opportunity is valuable. Thus, job boards need to ensure that they are up to date with all the available job vacancies. For that, they need to employ job scrapers that can scrape through job listings all over the internet. A premium job wrapping partner ensures that the job board feed is updated with complete job listings periodically, making the job easy for job boards. 

Checking for repetitive job postings

Employers post a single vacancy on multiple sites and platforms. Job boards must ensure that duplicate postings aren’t displayed on the job board. Such instances can increase frustration in individuals already going through a hard time. For instance, a candidate can get frustrated if he clicks on a job listing only to find out that he has already applied for or rejected the same post. A premium job crawling solution can recognize such instances of job duplication across various sites and ensures that every job is posted only once. This helps save time for candidates and makes the job application process a happy experience.

Connect candidates with recruiters

Most businesses are shut or have minimum operations running during a bad economy. Business leaders can use this time to spread knowledge among the young workforce. Job boards can serve as an excellent medium to connect employers and candidates. Dedicated forums, blogs from industry leaders, and live interactive sessions serve as a great medium. Candidates can interact, ask questions, and find solutions to their queries. This can help candidates prepare better for the future.

Job boards need to respond to bad economic situations by helping candidates and recruiters connect. No matter how scarce the employment opportunities are in such situations, job boards need to ensure candidates are able to find them through their job board. However, this can be a challenging task if job boards don’t use premium job crawling services. Propellum’s premium job crawler ensures that your job board has a high volume of complete and informative job postings, ensuring that candidates will find job opportunities even in difficult times.