What Singaporean job boards can learn from the SGUnited Jobs and Skills package?

What Singaporean job boards can learn from the SGUnited Jobs and Skills package?

The SGUnited Jobs initiative, a part of the supplementary resilience budget, was created by the Government of Singapore to help individuals find jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative is a welcome and significant step as more than 12000 people have found new jobs under the initiative. Manpower minister Josephine Teo has said that with this initiative, the government is focusing on three key steps, career matching services, attachment opportunities, and training. Looking at the success of this approach, job boards in Singapore, too, can contribute towards reviving the job market by adopting strategies such as real-time job scraping and having an adequately populated and updated job feed that can help candidates find jobs quickly and easily.

What job boards can learn from the SGUnited Jobs and Skills package

Job boards can help individuals find job opportunities easily and help get the economy moving in a similar manner to how the SGUnited Jobs and Skills package has helped thousands of people find employment and skill-enhancing opportunities.

Enhancing the job search experience

Job boards need to have a large number of job listings on their job feed. This helps increase the probability of candidates finding jobs and also expedites the job search process significantly. Job boards can utilize job scraping services to search for jobs across the internet and list them on the job board. A premium job scraping solution such as the one offered by Propellum with advanced job data scraping capabilities that can search across various employer sites based in Singapore, collate job listings and post them in an easy-to-understand consistent format on the job board.

Similarly, job boards can have dedicated forums, webinars, and sessions providing career advice from industry experts, in addition to having real-time job scraping and updation features. This will help candidates get clarity about the job to choose and ease the job search process.

Providing training opportunities

In addition to helping candidates find job opportunities, job boards can also help candidates increase their employability through training and upskilling opportunities with reputed companies. Job boards can partner with employers to list training, internship, and upskilling opportunities on the job boards, which will enable candidates to find jobs in a particular domain, based on the skills acquired. The companies can also offer job positions to the trainees after the training period is over, or the candidates are free-to-apply to other companies. In either case, the probability of candidates finding a job increases significantly.

This has been a tough time for Singaporeans as unemployment has risen to its highest level in the last decade due to COVID-19. The SGUnited Jobs and Skills package is an excellent initiative by the government to get the economy and growth of the country back on track. Job boards, too, will play a major role in accelerating this push and restoring normalcy. Tools such as automated job scraper for job boards will help increase the exposure of individuals to available jobs significantly. In the end, all we can do is learn from each other and help recover from this unprecedented situation as soon as possible.