57% of Singaporeans are actively searching for jobs. Here’s how job boards can help

57% of Singaporeans are actively searching for jobs. Here’s how job boards can help

According to JobStreet’s Singapore survey report, about 57% of Singaporeans, who had lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic or were previously unemployed, are actively searching for jobs. This is excellent news for employers who are restarting their operations and are looking to hire new employees. This also offers job boards with a new opportunity, as they have a major role to play in connecting job seekers with job providers. They also need to help job seekers find a suitable job quickly, as most of them have been going through financial difficulties in the past few months. One of the methods to do this is to use advanced systems that add automatic job updates to job boards. Similarly, there are other practices that Singaporean job boards can adopt to help individuals actively searching for jobs.

How job boards in Singapore can help simplify and expedite the job search process

Job boards in Singapore have a huge responsibility in connecting job seekers with employers. They need to ensure that Singaporeans have a pleasing job search experience and that they find a job quickly and get things back on track. Job boards can achieve this in the following ways:

Job aggregation

The first priority for job boards is to collect as many job listings from as many sources as possible. The job board should be highly populated so that job seekers can easily search for and apply to jobs from several companies. This increases the probability of finding jobs and getting hired quickly.

To collect a high volume of jobs, job boards can implement job scraping tools. However, the work is not completely done with job aggregation alone. Job boards also need to have job data management and job data optimization strategies to categorize data according to job title, job description, and location. This makes the job search process for candidates extremely convenient.

Job feed personalization

Singaporeans are looking for specific jobs across various industries. According to a report, the top five job search keywords are admin, data entry, driver, marketing, and accountant. Moreover, there are certain factors that influence the job search decision of candidates. For example, candidates searching for jobs as teachers prefer it for the work-life balance it brings. Similarly, candidates are drawn to government services jobs due to job security.

To ensure that a candidate’s job feed matches their preference every time they visit the job board, job feed personalization becomes essential. Job boards can integrate candidate-specific personalization with the help of machine learning tools. Machine learning algorithms analyze a candidate’s job search history to recommend new similar jobs and highlight the likely preferred jobs on the job feed.

Job updation

By having automatic job updates to job boards, the job feed is populated with the latest job vacancies. This ensures that job seekers are presented with more opportunities when they visit the job board. Job boards can implement a premium job wrapping solution like Propellum, which not only can search for new job listings on various websites but can also optimize them and post on the job feed automatically. Additionally, the premium wrapping tool also automatically deletes outdated job listings. This helps improve the overall candidate experience.

The COVID-19 crisis has caused major disruptions in the professional lives of Singaporeans and people from all over the world. However, with resilience and determination, we can overcome this crisis. Job boards need to have the right approach and strategy in place, such as efficient job data management, that can help candidates find jobs faster and ultimately contribute to re-building millions of lives.