How a new presidency can impact the US recruitment market

How a new presidency can impact the US recruitment market

Regardless of which side you supported or voted for this November, the imminence of a new presidency must have well and truly sunk in by now. As owners or managers of online recruitment sites in the US, your focus now should not be on what happened, but how whatever happened is going to affect the United States online recruitment market, and ultimately, your business. While the real answer to this will only be revealed as the coming years unravel, there is a general sense of optimism among businesses in most industries, specifically those such as renewable energy and infrastructure. This naturally means good news for the United States online recruitment market.

Recovery driven by post-pandemic response and policy revision

Inspired by the arrival of a new vaccine and an expected improvement in pandemic response from the new presidency, employers are beginning to restore their active workforces to pre-pandemic sizes. While the unemployment rate has continuously dropped, it hasn’t reached the pre-pandemic low of 3.5% in February. However, the job market prospects still look promising as the unemployment rate dropped to 6.7% in November.


Moreover, specific industries are expected to see an unprecedented rise in employment. For instance, the renewable energy sector, going by President-elect Joe Biden’s clean energy plan, is expected to generate 10 million good-paying jobs. More jobs may be added in the infrastructure industry as well as there have been promises of a nationwide infrastructure revamp. In addition to these jobs in the mid-to-long-term future, the imminence of a vaccine being distributed is set to increase hiring in the immediate future.

Increasing opportunities for recruitment industry intermediaries

Be it job boards, recruitment agencies, or recruitment platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter, the opportunities for recruitment industry intermediaries is rife. Despite the fact that the number of available jobs will increase in the coming years, so will the competition for these jobs. So the role of job boards, LinkedIn Recruiter, and others will remain important both from the perspective of employers and job seekers. That’s because companies rehiring to replenish their workforces will be looking for a greater proportion of remote workers to fill their vacant positions than before the pandemic. This means that there will be less emphasis on location preferences from both employers and job seekers. It will make a larger pool of jobs available for job seekers, and a larger pool of candidates available for employers.


To keep up with this shift in hiring trends, the function of the technology used for job wrapping for job boards will also evolve in the coming period. The tools used for job wrapping for job boards will need to undergo an upgrade in their ability to gather more job data, classify this data in a way more suited to the post-pandemic era, and do all of this with great accuracy. Using premium solutions for job wrapping for job boards, you can easily be equipped with the capability to meet any changes in the job market and remain competitive.