Why your job board needs data enrichment tools

Why your job board needs data enrichment tools

High quality job data is the key to the growth of a job board. Job boards need to get the most accurate and relevant job data in order to give job seekers a positive job search experience. But then the question  arises among job board administrators — where do we find reliable data? There are many different sources to find job data, but all of these are not reliable. For instance, if job boards come across a job advertisement posted on social media by someone who is not a part of the employer’s team, then that data might be unreliable. However, fetching data directly from the employer’s website and reputed job boards eliminates the issue of unreliable sources.

It becomes a tedious task for the job board employees to go through every employer’s website to fetch the latest job openings. And, that’s where job data crawling solutions can help. The job data crawling solutions can get more accurate and comprehensive job data, straight from the employer’s website. And, not just job data crawling solutions, but job boards can also leverage other technologies like job data enrichment tools as well. Job data enrichment tools can help make talent acquisition much simpler, easier, faster, and efficient. Enriched job data can help eliminate invalid or misleading job posts, which will help job boards retain job seekers. And, that makes it important for job boards to implement the use of job data enrichment tools in their daily practice to get job data.

How job data enrichment can help job boards

Job data enrichment means ensuring and enhancing the accuracy of job data. By giving accurate job details like the qualification, experience, certifications, and skillset, job boards can ensure that the best-qualified candidates apply for the job. The above-mentioned benefit might excite you to know the other benefits of enriched job data such as:

Eliminate invalid job postings

All job boards know that the most reliable source to get job data is the employer’s website. And, job data enrichment tools can help collect job data from the employer’s website more effectively and efficiently. Job data enrichment tools can help automate the employer’s website crawling to fetch the latest job openings posted by the employer. Crawling the employer’s website can also help track any recent changes on the employer’s website. And, then job alert software can be helpful to provide notifications about the changes. With the use of crawling solutions, job boards can remove irrelevant job postings. For instance, job boards can remove job posts that are already filled to provide only the available jobs to the job seekers.

Increased data optimization

The job data consists of many job-related parameters like job location, job industry, salary range, job title, and many others. Job boards collect outrageous volumes of job data every day. Once job data is collected, it is important to optimize and categorize the data. Job data enrichment tools can help classify jobs based on the job parameters. The use of job data enrichment also ensures the elimination of repetitive job posts. For example, some job posts might have different titles for the same jobs. And it can be frustrating for job seekers to land on the same job even after clicking on various job posts. But, job data enrichment tools can eliminate similar jobs after filtering them.

How job data crawling solutions can help fetch accurate job data

Automated job crawling solutions frequently scan the career pages on the employers’ websites to fetch the most recent job openings posted by them. Propellum provides job crawling solutions that can fetch more accurate and comprehensive job data, and also the newest job postings available on the employer’s website. Besides, with a premium job board tools, job boards can efficiently automate the process of posting jobs on their sites. Propellum’s easy post and job posting service can automate the task of categorizing job data and posting it on job boards. By automating the tedious task of posting jobs, job board employees would be able to focus more on other areas that require more human intervention.