Upgrade your job wrapping process to compete with professional networking platforms

Upgrade your job wrapping process to compete with professional networking platforms

Competition among job boards has always been high. But now, there are other players who have joined the recruitment market, the most notable of them being social media platforms. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are also competing in the crowded recruitment space. Out of these, LinkedIn has emerged as a major competitor for job boards. LinkedIn’s ability to connect employers with qualified candidates has helped in its growth. With the constant addition of advanced recruiter-friendly features, a large number of employers are preferring LinkedIn over traditional job boards. If job boards don’t employ tools that can match or surpass LinkedIn’s capabilities, there is a high chance they might perish. First, let’s understand why LinkedIn recruiter services are gaining popularity among employers.

Why is LinkedIn recruiters’ favorite platform?

LinkedIn’s advanced, yet simplistic recruitment tools have made them quite popular among recruiters. A large number of recruiters are increasingly using LinkedIn as their primary tool for recruiting purposes.

LinkedIn has simplified the job listing process for employers. Employers just need to create job listings on their websites or LinkedIn using their recruitment tools and post it on the available job slots. These job listings then appear in news feeds of individuals who follow an enterprise’s or its employees’ profile pages. This is similar to the Facebook news feed with which we are very much acquainted with, and thus is easy for candidates to understand. The application process, too, is much simpler. On a click of a button, candidates can easily and quickly apply to job listings.

LinkedIn also provides a keyword search feature. Employers can search for candidates using search keywords. These keywords can be any data matching their job requirements. A LinkedIn profile acts as a CV, with candidates’ job data tagged. Data such as the current and past job positions, experience, and organizations served can be found easily by recruiters. Employers can even find potential candidates who haven’t applied for the job vacancy. Similarly, candidates, too, can search for similar job listings across various enterprises with the help of keyword searches.

However, one of the powerful tools that draws employers to LinkedIn is its job wrapping. LinkedIn’s job wrapping tool allows recruiters to automatically post jobs from their career site into LinkedIn job slots. Let’s get to know LinkedIn’s job wrapping feature in detail.

What is LinkedIn’s job wrapping tool?

LinkedIn’s job wrapping tool automatically pulls job listings from employers’ recruitment software. It can be their ATS or their websites. The wrapping tool allows recruiters to assign job slots and setup selection criteria for selecting the jobs that are posted on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers two job wrapping services. Job wrapping plus and job wrapping auto. Job wrapping plus allows recruiters to prioritize their job postings. Job wrapping auto is a simplified version of job wrapping plus that automatically posts jobs uploaded on various channels. The job wrapper helps automate the process of job posting, deleting, and renewing. This helps recruiters save time and increase their productivity. It is due to these features of LinkedIn’s job wrapper that the platform has become so prominent in the recruitment market.

Why should job boards upgrade their job wrapping process?

LinkedIn’s job wrapping tool’s advanced capabilities simplify the recruitment process substantially for employers. Job boards need to employ premium wrapping tools that can match the LinkedIn wrapper’s capabilities. Job boards might become restricted to the role of a follower if they continue using regular tools. A premium wrapping tool can help job boards to match or even exceed the capabilities of LinkedIn’s job wrapper.

Another way to ensure that job boards stay ahead of LinkedIn is through capitalizing on certain limitations of LinkedIn recruitment services. For instance, LinkedIn’s job slots can prove to be a hurdle for recruiters in certain situations. If the organization is large, with multiple departments, employers will need to purchase multiple job slots. A lot of time, money, and resources will be spent in prioritizing jobs from various departments in the same organization. The slots can prove to be costly and not every organization will be able to afford them.

How job boards can compete with LinkedIn recruiter services?

Job boards need to invest in and partner with a premium wrapping solutions provider. A premium job wrapper can automatically fetch all the job listings from employers’ careers page. The job wrapper periodically scans the employers’ website and fetches new job listings posted by employers. Any modifications to previous job listings on recruiters’ websites can also be reflected automatically on the job board with the help of a premium job wrapper. Also, as soon as the vacancy listing is deleted from the employers’ careers page, the listing gets deleted from the job board too. All the processes of recruitment listings can be automated with the help of a premium job wrapper. Thus, job boards can stay updated with the latest and relevant information regarding job listings from various employers. Similarly, a premium job wrapper can intelligently understand duplicate job listings and with premium job feed solutions, it displays only one listing on the job board, discarding the rest.

As an employer who partners with a job board that uses premium wrapping tools, all your recruitment needs are taken care of. You don’t have to pay extra for additional job postings. The job wrapper periodically updates every job listing from your careers page onto the job board, irrespective of the number. Thus, you can be assured that you don’t have to deal with additional charges later. Also, you can have your job listings on the job board customized and aligned with your design principles.

Apart from using premium wrapping tools, job boards need to truly be the connecting medium between employers and candidates. For that, job boards can have dedicated groups or forums where candidates can interact with each other or with recruiters. They can get beneficial information like job trends, salaries offered, skills expected by employers, and guidance that can help them to excel in their professional lives. Job boards can even have messaging services where employers can interact with candidates and better connect with each other. Job boards can also have a feature similar to LinkedIn’s introduction, where candidates can suggest their friends and colleagues to recruiters and help them connect. This will help draw candidates to the job board who otherwise don’t use its services. It can act as a great marketing tool for job boards, too, as individuals will promote your job board through word of mouth.

Job boards need to be advanced in this day and age of ever-increasing competition. With major players like Facebook and Microsoft (LinkedIn recruiter tools) entering the recruitment market, they need to strategize, plan, and deploy more advanced solutions than before. Relying on age-old methods won’t take them any further. In fact, they will slowly start diminishing. Propellum’s job wrapping solutions can help change the bleak future and ensure that your job board not only survives but prospers in these hard times.