How job boards can become the first choice for recruiters in a global crisis

How job boards can become the first choice for recruiters in a global crisis

The current pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. It has impacted a lot of sectors, which has compelled recruiters to lay-off employees. Yet certain sectors haven’t seen much slowdown. Some are stagnant while others, such as healthcare, logistics (essential foods), and transportation (emergency response), have seen an increase in recruitment. Job boards play a crucial role in helping individuals from such fields connect with recruiters quickly, at a time where every passing tick of the clock matters. Thus, if you’re a job board, here are some tips regarding job board technology and tactics that can help you in becoming the preferred choice for recruiters for their recruitment needs.

Tips for being the best job board for recruiters in a global crisis

Job boards have always fulfilled their responsibility of helping recruiters and candidates connect with each other. However, in a global crisis, they need to up their game to make the process time-efficient without compromising on quality. Here are some suggestions and tips from our end that can help your job board in becoming the preferred choice for recruiters.

Update jobs on the job board in real-time

Job boards should ensure that their job feeds update frequently with new listings, preferably as soon as a vacancy is listed on the employer’s website. For that, job boards can invest in premium job scraping tools that can be programmed to fetch jobs from recruiters website automatically. Premium job scrapers can periodically scan recruiters’ website at short intervals so that the job feed gets updated as soon as possible.

Offer applicant tracking services to recruiters

Job boards can provide applicant tracking system (ATS) services to recruiters. ATS helps organize candidate resumes efficiently, enabling recruiters to find candidates quickly and easily. The ATS tool analyzes job data such as work experience, educational qualifications, and place of residence of candidates and arranges them in a manner such that recruiters can find the top and easily available talent without hassles. The tool prioritizes candidates based on the order of how much their job data match with job requirements. 

Help recruiters screen candidates within the job board ecosystem

Once recruiters have shortlisted candidates, job boards can help them by integrating communication services within the job board ecosystem. They can implement plugins or API tools that enable recruiters to contact candidates over text, voice, or video call on the job board website itself. Recruiters can even conduct interviews on a video call through a native application or using third-party apps such as Zoom or Skype that can be integrated with the job board platform. Job boards can even implement tools for online skill assessments that can help recruiters evaluate candidates better and find the right talent for their organization.

Job boards need to provide recruiters end-to-end online recruitment solutions, especially in such adverse situations. They should be able to help recruiters in completing the hiring process in the shortest time possible. These are tough times, but as they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And Propellum’s services are up and running in this torrid time to help job boards in becoming one of the, if not the best job board for recruiters.