The importance of job board customization and how Propellum helps you achieve it

The importance of job board customization and how Propellum helps you achieve it


If you run a job board business, you’ll know that you’re not the only one playing that game. There are hundreds if not thousands of other job board sites that operate across the world. And each one of these sites promises to do the same, simple thing — connect job seekers with recruiters. But although all job boards do the same thing, why is it that only a few job boards attract the largest traffic of job seekers? How do they easily partner with leading employers and recruitment agencies? How do they achieve disproportionately high market shares and profit margins?

The answer is simple — differentiation. They differentiate themselves from the crowd. They do the same thing as you — aggregating job postings and displaying them to job seekers — but in a different way. For instance, they may operate in niche job market segments, such as recruiting for senior level management or entry-level positions. Alternatively, they may focus on specific industries or geographic niches. Or, they may simply present jobs in a different, more effective manner. But how do they achieve it? Through job board customization. And that’s what you’ll need to use if you want your job board to differentiate itself from the rest.


Why you should customize your job board

Job board customization, as opposed to using off-the-shelf job board technology, means using customized software for your job board. This software is tailor-made to meet your needs and specifications based on your niche or unique offering, giving your job board different added features. And there can be many reasons why you may need job board customization, such as those listed below:

To stand out from the rest

Building custom job boards can be considered as the single most effective way to help you break out from among your peers and stand out in the eyes of job-seekers. Job board customization using the best job board technology available out there can ensure that your job board offers greater functionality than others. That’s because most job boards just replicate job postings as they are from career sites and other job boards. This means that they provide the same information in the same way. And this means that job seekers must click on different links to get key details about jobs they’re interested in. The more job seekers must work to get requisite information the less likely they will be to use your job board. That’s because they prefer job boards that can present them all the information in a more effective way. And very few job boards, if any, provide all the requisite information in one place. Thus, simply using job board customization to package job information differently can make you stand above most job boards.

To improve the job search experience

Job board customization can also enable you to make jobs more easily searchable than on most other job sites. You can add more tags, even those not added by the employers, that can help job seekers find more relevant jobs. This can help in providing job seekers with more job postings that are relevant to their search queries, even if the search terms are not an exact match. Your job board visitors can have a larger pool of jobs for the same search queries than other job boards.

To build niche job boards

Job board customization is an absolute necessity if you want to build a niche job board. Whatever niche you choose, the job data will need to be displayed differently than on general job boards. For instance, if your job board focuses on engineering jobs, then every job posting will need to display the specific branch of engineering (e.g., electrical, communication, mechanical, automobile, etc.) Similarly, depending on your chosen niche, you may have to provide specific details that most job boards don’t show. This requires job board customization.

Custom job boards can be used to provide job postings to job seekers through a highly intuitive interface by displaying different pieces of job-related information such as salary range, visa sponsorship availability, special technical requirements, etc. along with other relevant information.


How you can build custom job boards

Job board customization means using a custom-built job board platform to underpin your job board operations. This means programming your job board software to:

  • Search only in selected job sources
  • Look only for the desired types of job postings
  • Check for specific, relevant bits of supporting information
  • Verify the gathered job data for validity, completeness, non-repetitiveness, and relevance
  • Post the job on the job board in the desired format
  • Link the job back to the employer’s career page
  • Remove expired jobs


Using software that’s customized to meet your requirements ensures that your job board works exactly how you want it to.

However, designing and implementing such programs can be hard for you as it requires strong IT expertise, which can be expensive to hire and retain. And even if you outsource the programming work, quality may be not always guaranteed. Additionally, maintaining and scaling your custom job boards can also become a messy affair without the requisite expertise. It may lead to recurring, unpredictable costs and require a lot of time and effort from you and your team. This leaves you with no time to strategize and to scale your job board business. Thus, if you decide on doing job board customization, then you should do it the right way. And that is by letting job board professionals like us at Propellum handle your job board customization needs. Propellum not only solves the problem of creating top-notch custom job boards but also that of running such job boards without hassle.


How Propellum helps job board customization

As a pioneer in the field, Propellum has been at the forefront of job board technology research and development. This means that job board platforms made by Propellum are guaranteed to deliver high performance and high job data quality.


       Customized job feeds:

The most important element of any job board, custom or otherwise, is the job data it provides. And for custom job boards — especially niche job boards — the relevance, quality, and volume of data gathered matters the most. Propellum understands this and offers highly customized job feeds that accurately scrapes the desired job postings from any source specified. Propellum’s job wrapping service gives you, the job board owner, complete control over what gets posted where, when, and how. This ensures that you have a truly unique job board site that reflects your strategy.


●       Integration with infrastructure and recruitment tools:

In most cases, the process of job board customization may involve a complete overhaul of your existing IT infrastructure. However, Propellum eliminates the need for performing an expensive overhaul operation as it can easily integrate with your existing IT infrastructure and start functioning right away. Thus, you are guaranteed a quick ROI.

In addition to being compatible with your existing IT architecture, Propellum’s solutions can also be easily integrated with the most popular recruitment tools and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This means that you can set your job board to directly fetch jobs from employer’s career sites as and when they are posted. That way, you’ll always have the best and the latest jobs before all your competitors, enabling you to distinguish yourself from your peers.


●       Enhanced searchability:

Propellum’s job wrapping solutions improve the searchability of job postings by adding highly-relevant tags to each job. These tags ensure that your job site’s search function fetches a good volume of the most relevant jobs even for the most narrowly focused search queries. This can save job seekers a lot of time and effort, making your job board easier-to-use for them.


●       24×7 support:

Propellum’s team of experts and support executives are always available to customer around the clock. They ensure that problems, if any, are fixed immediately and queries are resolved with quick turnaround time.


Performing job board customization with Propellum ensures that your job board has a unique value proposition for job seekers. Also, once implemented, it ensures that you have a reliable technological foundation for your job board that requires minimum involvement and investment from your end. Thus, you’ll be free to spend your valuable resources on more important aspects of your business. And you can experience this freedom first-hand right away by requesting a demo from Propellum!