Why should job boards care about job search engine syndication?

Why should job boards care about job search engine syndication?


Navigating the job market is becoming a challenging task for job seekers and recruiters. Job seekers find it hard to find employment opportunities that match their skills and preferences. On the other hand, recruiters find it difficult to source the right candidates to fill their vacant positions. For this, recruiters use different methods and tools such as networking, referrals, and job boards. Although professional networking has been rising in recent years, the best way for recruiters to reach the highest number of candidates is, still, through job boards. And to display their job postings on job boards, employers share their vacant positions using different methods. They can do one of the following:


  • send the information regarding their vacancies to job boards through email or other channels of communication,
  • post jobs on their career sites for job crawling tools to find, or
  • use technologies and methods like job search engine syndication.


Recently, job search engine syndication has become popular among recruiters as a quick way to advertise their vacancies. And job boards need to take note of this trend. That’s because it can potentially harm or boost their chances of gaining a competitive advantage in the job market.


What job search engine syndication means


Job search engine syndication is the new way to share job postings with multiple job boards in one go. Recruiters can automatically post jobs on multiple job boards as soon as they are released by the employer. When a recruiter uploads a job posting to a syndication tool, it automatically sends this job data to a number of pre-programmed job search sites. Job syndication tools are programmed to post jobs on the most popular job board sites out there. Some service providers also have pre-established partnerships with multiple niche job board sites.  These job boards automatically share the job postings provided by their clients. Employers perform job syndication either by using job search engine syndication tools themselves or through a third-party recruitment agency that uses such tools.


Job search engine syndication technologies link the job postings back to the employer sites. They are also capable of tracking the number of applications that are received through different job boards. This enables them to know which job boards bring them the most applicants and which ones are ineffective in bringing new applications. They can use this information to evaluate their job board partnerships.


Why recruiters use job syndication technology


Job board syndication enables recruiters to broadcast their vacancies to a large number of job-seekers.  They no longer have to send the same job details to job boards one at a time. This saves the recruiting personnel a lot of time and effort.


Businesses also find it difficult to fill positions that required niche, specialized skills. To increase the likelihood of finding such talent, they must be able to reach out to the largest possible pool of job-seekers they can access. Recruiters also need to ensure that they beat the competition or risk losing talented candidates. For this, they need to reach out to job-seekers as soon as vacancies come up. That’s where job search engine syndication technology comes into the picture. These tools ensure that all job postings are presented to the greatest number of potential candidates in the shortest amount of time possible.


Why job boards should care about job search engine syndication


It’s obvious that recruiters want to reach out to candidates as efficiently as they can. In order to do so, they turn to processes like job search engine syndication. And depending on how well job boards respond to the changes defined by these tools, they can either significantly gain or lose their traffic and ability to compete.  Syndication tools tell recruiters which job boards are bringing in the most and least applicants. This means that job boards need to perform consistently to maintain their partnership with recruiters. Even job boards that are starting out, need to attract large traffic to be eligible for job postings through job search engine syndication tools.


Job boards that receive these job postings get the newest and most exclusive jobs before their competitors. Having unique and up-to-date jobs enables these job boards to attract more job-seekers. As these job boards grow in terms of traffic and popularity, they can get partnerships with more recruiters. This, in turn, results in increased traffic; ensuring that the job board continues to rise in profitability.


However, not leveraging the opportunity presented by job search engine syndication means that your job board is missing out. You fall behind the select job boards that end up getting the best jobs through it. Before you know it, the gap between you and those at the top might widen as you start losing your traffic to them. To prevent such an outcome, you must equip your job board to attract enough traffic for leveraging job search engine syndication.


How job boards can leverage job search engine syndication


Attracting a large enough traffic of job seekers is important to ensure that your job board benefits from job search engine syndication. And attracting more job seekers means providing them with a large collection of jobs to choose from. However, inundating your job databases with jobs without considering the quality of these postings will turn away job-seekers. And you don’t want that, do you? To prevent that from happening, you must ensure that the jobs posted on your site have enough supporting information. Also, you must ensure that they lead directly to the concerned employers and are up-to-date.


Now, we know that gathering a large number of job postings, verifying each of them for quality and consistency, and posting them on your job board seems like a lot of work for you and your team. That’s why you need job board technology that essentially automates the entire process of job aggregation for you.


Job wrapping solutions like those designed by Propellum checks every job posting for quality.  It can automatically gather large volumes of job information from your chosen sources, that is current and relevant. It ensures the completeness, consistency, and relevance of job data. This means that your job board will always have a lot of jobs having the right tags and details. Additionally, Propellum’s job wrapping solutions are also compatible with the recruitment technologies used by most recruiters. This will further facilitate job search engine syndication as your job board can integrate with recruiters’ tools. To know how fully-automated job board operation looks like, request a demo with Propellum, now!