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Delight job seekers with exceptional job listings on your site. By removing dead or irrelevant jobs, Propellum ensures that your job listing is regularly populated with LIVE, refreshed jobs. Our job enrichment engine examines each job for missing fields and automatically fills in the data, so your job board UI looks wholesome and complete. With auto-match capabilities that map jobs to functions, you will have strategically-placed content that improves job search algorithms within your job site.

Leverage the Propellum Benefit for your users

Some of the key priorities for job boards are to minimize the average job processing time while maintaining job quality and increasing productivity. With a job listing partner like Propellum, job boards are able to devote more time towards scaling and reaching out to newer target markets. Having operated globally, we’re able to work on all international languages, no matter where your customers are situated. Our job processing analytics and daily reporting helps you check-in on your operations with ease.

Ease of job listing for your client companies

Our technology syncs seamlessly with the client company’s preferred ATS or their website to reduce duplication of processes. During the normalisation process, each job is taken through multiple checkpoints to ensure the highest job quality. We go the extra mile to ensure that jobs posted in any format appear correctly on your job board UI. Discover the ease of on-boarding a client by partnering with Propellum for your job listings.

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