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Because no two job
boards are built the

Job wrapping solution

Custom Job wrapping services to suit your strategic goals.

Propellum’s job wrapping services come with unique job data features. Our job wrapping service can be customized to fit your growth strategy. We guarantee Job aggregation and classification with unmatched turnaround times. Appeal to varying customer bases and target locations with high-quality content tailormade for your audience. Choose your own delivery schedules and methods as well as run schedules. EasyPost job wrapping services allows you to pre-define what jobs get onto your job board – ensuring that you have content that’s just right for your user base.

Job data automation for agility and operational efficiency

Having dealt with a variety of job automation challenges, our adaptive technology is capable of anticipating and overcoming any long-term hurdles your job board might face. We’re bringing you cleaner, better quality jobs at the fraction of a cost so that you can focus on your scaling efforts. Our customization features and future-proof technology make Propellum’s job data automation module the perfect personalized solution for your business.

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