How you can exploit the ‘Big Quit’ with premium job board scrapers

How you can exploit the ‘Big Quit’ with premium job board scrapers

Today, most crises can be refashioned into opportunities with the right mix of astute planning and technology. Take the Big Quit, for example. Since 2020, organizations in various sectors have felt the full force of mass resignations on an almost daily basis. If businesses solely focussed on their massive employee turnover figures, they’d be missing the hidden opportunity lying within the Big Quit. The Big Quit, also known as the Great Resignation, can also be interpreted as a ‘Great Reshuffle,’ with employees switching between companies and roles to land better, higher-paying jobs. In this scenario, job boards need to scrape job postings more efficiently to display lucrative jobs on their online platforms for employment-seekers across all sectors. Your job site can cash in on this by using Propellum’s premium job board scrapers for linking the right employers with the right job seekers.

Some of the benefits of using premium job scrapers are:

High customization while scraping job postings

Every job board has its own unique identity and needs. While some boards may display jobs in certain sectors, others may publish posts for their target audience in specific regions. For job aggregators, identifying such needs and supplying an endless stream of high-quality posts is always the need of the hour. Propellum’s intelligent job board crawlers achieve that objective seamlessly. Propellum’s crawlers scrape job postings according to your job board’s niche, role, or sector-driven needs. These crawlers scan the web and scrape jobs from several recruiter websites, job feeds, and obscure sources before posting them on your web platform. These posts are listed in several different languages on job sites to break linguistic barriers and open opportunities for the widest possible audience.

Most importantly, Propellum’s crawlers and job feed algorithms perform multiple authenticity checks after scraping job postings to eliminate the chances of publishing fraudulent, dead, or duplicate jobs on your job site.

Endless scalability with premium job board scraper technology

Propellum’s premium job scraper automates the process specified above. This, coupled with Propellum’s Mega Wrap tool, helps job boards with scaling the job posting process. So, Propellum’s job automation algorithms sense whenever the number of postings per minute needs to be increased and do so immediately. As a result, not only are the job posts on your site customized according to your needs, but the process of posting is automatic and scalable as per your existing requirements.

Propellum’s premium job scrapers are used by a host of some of the biggest employment sites in the world. You too can streamline the process of scraping job postings and scaling them at will with our job automation services.

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